ETERNITY MINDED~Seeing with the eyes of the eternal


About a little over a week ago, I was browsing vidoes on the internet when I came across one of Pastor Priscilla Shirer’s videos. ~ Pastor Priscilla is the one who plays the role of Elisabeth Jordan; Tony’s wife in the famous WAR ROOM movie.

Remember her ?

If you haven’t watched that movie yet, you definitely should ~ I don’t know what the title of her message was but I believe she must have been talking about purpose.

She was sharing a story about the woman who is her babysitter and church member as well.

God had called this woman out of the corporate world into ministry and since she left a well-paid job and a successful and promising career to obey the call, she was naturally waiting for the next big thing to happen. She was probably expecting God to give her a big opportunity or platform to usher her into ministry. So when it didn’t seem like anything that hugue was gonna happen for her after a while and she had to now take on this babysitting job just to get by, she said she felt cheated by God.
And as Pastor Shirer said, that’s how many of us feel in various areas of our lives.

Lord, I have obeyed you. What now ? Where is my blessing ?

God, I left this unholy relationship because you asked me to, where is my awesome future husband/wife whom I’m supposed to be having a fairy tail courtship with now ?
Right ?

God, I refused to spread my legs just to get a job, where is my breakthrough so I can give a testimony now ?

Lord, I said no to being a fraudster just so I can be a business man with integrity and be pleasing to you, where is my next big contract now ?

Sounds familiar ?

Lord, I forsook my own plans for your glory. When are You moving me to the next level ? When is it happening ?

God, I refused to pay a bribe to get my file to the top, where is my open door to getting that visa and traveling abroad now ?

You feel like you’ve put your trust in God, putting all your eggs in one basket and so something hugue and spectacular was supposed to immediately come out of it but it hasn’t and instead of that you were given a more humbling and less “attractive” task, job or opportunity, so you feel cheated by God.

In the end, out of fustration, you find people trying to threaten God like : “God, if I don’t get married next year by this time eeh… You and me: OVER ! ”

๐Ÿ˜‚ Really ?

We need to grow past that baby christian who is still on milk mentality and understand that, Jesus is nobody’s errand boy. He chooses to do what He chooses to do when He chooses to do it, and nobody gives Him the calendar He must work with. You won’t always get what you want, how you want it and when you want it. Little children reason like that.

We need to get to the point of maturity where we have chewed the hard meat and bones of the Word and we can say: Lord, even if what I want delays and men make fun of me or even if I don’t get it at all, I will still serve you in the very season and place you have called me to.

Yes, it is not easy and you can only say this when you begin to look at things with the mind of heaven.

Let me give you a clear picture of what doing that would be like.

You remember the woman I talked about earlier who had to leave her job and became a babysitter ? She said she went to God in all honesty and lifted a prayer that went something like this

: ” Lord, is this what I left all the money, success, and honour for ? Is this what I left the bling bling for ? I mean, I love kids but… babysitting for the rest of my life ? I feel cheated by You and I need an answer”.

When she went to work in the evening of that day, she said everything that happened that night was an answer to her.

Upon pressing the bell of the house of the couple she was going to babysit for that evening, God began to open her mind and eyes to see things from heaven’s point of view.

The kids came to open the door and they were so excited to see her. They had all gathered to wait for her and were impatient to show her how they could now recite memory verses she had taught them from the last time she was around and had some kind of Bible study with them.

There she understood that this wasn’t about babysitting. It was so much bigger than that ! Just like a trainer, she was a destiny shaper helping to prepare God’s people, God’s army for the battle field tomorrow. She was helping shape destinies; helping to usher these kids into their purpose on earth by teaching them how to love the things of God and have an intimate relationship with Him.

Then, that couple was going on a date that evening. It was date night and they hadn’t had the chance to have one on one time for a long time. She (the babysitter) had even brought a plate of food she had cooked them from her house and when that mother saw the plate, the smile that illuminated her face and the grateful hug she gave this babysitter said it all. There God opened her eyes again! She could see herself in the scope of eternity:

Once more, she wasn’t just a babysitter! She was a marriage saver; God’s hand in helping to keep a couple’s bond and preserve a family from braking apart. She was contributing to their marriage being healthy. Not only had she put a smile of relief on that mother’s face by cooking something for her kids ~anyone with many little kids knows how relieving such a kind gesture can be ~, she was giving that couple an opportunity to work on their relationship and have a great marriage by spending one on one time going for date night !

Amazing. Right ?

There and then she realised that she was doing something so dear and important to God. She realised that when you looked at it from heaven’s perspective : SHE WAS EXACTLY WHERE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, doing the most important thing any human being could do : walking in purpose.

I’ve had someone like this babysitter in my life and she is one of the main reasons I am who I am today. The day she left our house, I cried profusely. I remember battling with her, pulling her travel bag to prevent her from leaving. I was so shattered. She wasn’t just a maid though many a person would look down on that job. She was God’s soldier

and messenger on a mission to get me started on the journey of my walk with God.

She was far more than just a house help. She was the one who thought me how to love the Lord, go to church, fast, pray, read my Bible, cook Adรฉmรจ* ๐Ÿ˜„ and so many other things at a very young age while I was still in primary school. She was there for me when my mother couldn’t always be. She was my best friend and confidant. I have very fond memories of her. I remember how she would always teach me songs on saturday so I could go and sing them at church on sundays. Mind you, those songs were in English though she wasn’t learned and we both lied a lot while singing ๐Ÿ˜‚ but that’s not what mattered.

She was making an impact and shaping a life for Christ. She was sowing into eternity. She probably had no idea what I would become for the Lord in the future but she was just walking in her purpose nonetheless.

Her name was Esther and anytime I tell the testimony of my life, I’d always mention her because she is such a big part of it and I just realised, she was my very first mentor.

Today and on this earth, we won’t see the full magnitude of the things God has called us to do and that seem little to the human eye but Oh, if only God would open our eyes !

Here is what you need to understand. Like Pastor John Gordon Egyir-Croffet always said : nobody is going to give you an award in heaven for having been the best babysitter, banker, manager, architect or whatsoever on earth.(paraphrased)

It’s not about the position. It’s about what you used the position to do while you occupied it. It’s about understanding that there is a greater aim to it all.

Am I saying pursuing a career is wrong ? No. I plan on doing so myself. It isn’t wrong, as long as you’re not dedicating your entire youth/life and energy to it and as long as you are using it to do what actually matters, that is promoting and advancing the course of Christ.

It’s not even about having a corporate career or not. You might as well be into a less “corporate” one and be missing the mark. Yes, men are praising and applauding you. The ground shakes when you walk in the streets and everyone, children and the elderly alike, pay you hommmage but is heaven also giving you a standing ovation ? Does heaven even notice ?

I’m not saying this to look down on you and whatever it is you do in life or discourage you from pursuing your dream career or achievement but the hard truth is and remains:

Listen, I want us to get this clear: some people’s purpose includes climbing the corporate and social ladder, becoming influencial so they can have access to the great and mighty of this earth and influence them as well but for Christ. So I’m not saying have no ambitions. No. Have them but first find out if it’s part of your calling; what God would have you do. Once Christ is at the center of it, the value of it all changes but once He’s not, you would have earned thrillions of whichever currency, organised world-changing social gatherings, fed the poor and needy, defended the orphan and widow, written a thousand best sellers or sang a million hit makers, changed your community, shook hands with presidents etc. but all in vain.

A lot of people put all of their strenght into being philantropists, trying to make the world a better place and it’s a good thing but hear what the Lord (Reffered to here as Wisdom) told Rick Joyner during one of their encounters which he related in his well known book, THE FINAL QUEST.

๐Ÿ˜Š It’s a hard truth to hear, right ? But it’s the truth nonetheless. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have made sure that an influencial and much respected man like Cornelius got saved after all the good he was doing in his community. Read his story in Acts 10. The whole chapter is about him.

There is one last story I want to share with you. It’s about a heavenly martyre named Angelo. Rick Joyner talks about him in the same book I just cited. Angelo was a poor, homeless, and dumb (speach impaired) man on earth but a martyre and a great King in heaven.

This was the Lord Jesus speaking to Rick Joyner about Angelo during one of their encounters:

The Lord continues:

So now, if getting to know about a story like Angelo’s doesn’t change your entire perspective on life, I don’t know what will.

Have you become so concerned with the cares of life, that you have forgotten about the cares of heaven ?

Pour your life out as an offering to God (Romans 12:1-2), not as an offering to a company that would be so quick to replace you and forget about you when you’re gone or to earthly and human achievements that have no eternal value.
Yes, people may look down on what the Lord has called you to do if it doesn’t fit the human standards of greatness and success because just like babysitting, it seems so insignificant to the human eye and it gets very few praises if any at all but I am encouraging you to look at it with the eyes of the eternal. Choose to place it within eternity’s scope; within heaven persepective.

Is it fitting into the frame ? Yes ?

Then that’s all that matters ๐Ÿ˜Š.

If it’s not, then it’s probably time for a 180ยฐ turn.

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