Heya. Let’s have a little chat about healing. I’m here to tell you about one of God’s “methods” of healing.

It is a most misunderstood one because it is subtle and turns the spotlight away from YOU.



Do you have any idea how hard some people can love ? Such people are consequently the ones who feel the most pain in any type of relationship (family, friendship, marriage relationship). That’s also why their healing process takes much longer than with some people .

When you’re someone who loves as hard as this girl right here writing this to you, it is only normal to yearn for something as intense as what you carry within and are willing to give. So when someone comes around and wriggles all that to your face and then tells you, you can’t have any of it, it is the most painful thing ever. You wish they never stopped by. You wish they never got close. And though you know that vengeance belongs to the Lord, you even find yourself wishing they’d one day find themselves where you are now, so they experience your pain and get to know what you are going through. So when God tells you to look outside yourself when all you wanna do is coil up in bed all day long and cry your misery away, it just doesn’t make sense. It seems like God is being insensitive but in actual fact HE is not. Let me tell you how or why.

Have you heard the story of the homeless man who chose to sacrifice himself to keep his friend (not even sure they were friends; maybe just another homeless acquaintance) warm so he wouldn’t die of cold while they were outside, and at the mercy of the cold winter winds and the snow ? His friend was in danger of freezing and dying. So this man decided to wrap his arms around him and rub his hands on him all night long, so his blood would keep circulating and not freeze. This man didn’t realise that by so doing, HE HAD SAVED HIS OWN LIFE. When morning came, both of them were still alive.

For some weeks now, I have been trying to process some emotions ~mostly nefative~ that seem to be going into all directions and in the middle of this emotional chaos, I see God telling me to encourage someone else. This scenario will particularly be true for you if you have the gift of encouragement —you know you have this gift when people keep coming to you for encouragement and return uplifted after having spoken to you EVEN WHEN YOU’RE DOWN YOURSELF—-.

Who encourages the encourager? But here I am and I can clearly see God telling me to help heal another sister/brother when I am persuaded I’m a mess myself and all I wanna do is focus on MY mess.

I find myself down and needing this same encouragement and God is now sending people my way who need encouragement and I feel like screaming : LORD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH? CAN’T YOU SEE HOW WOUNDED I AM ? Can we focus on ME right now ?!

Have you ever found yourself in this position ? If yes, then take the time to breath in…and breath out 😄. Now, hear me out: God is just engaging you into this peculiar healing process. It’s not the “coolest” but it’s real.

This is how God heals many times but you won’t get this healing until you decide to surrender and cooperate; not until you decide to just do what He is leading you to do.
God is not being insensitive when in the middle of your struggle He sends you someone else who needs help. He is not being insensitive when while you’re in the eye of the cyclone, HE sends you a brethren who need you to hold their hands so they can get through their own cyclone. HE is healing you but just NOT YOUR WAY. Hear what the Lord says :

~ Isaiah 55:8-9

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord . For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. ~

HE is healing you the homeless man’s way. Just open up your heart and you’ll see.

If you’ve been wondering: Lord why do these people keep coming to me ?! I need a break.

Well, now you know. 😊

Be strong and cooperate. You’ll see how sweet and healthy it is to help heal another person. Your own healing will come as a swift breeze you won’t even feel. Before you could say Jack, you’d be back to life and kicking it again.

It might be a slow process but it sure does work.

In the body of Christ, the Lord never wants “self” to be the focus. His body as a whole is what He sees and we are beautiful pieces of the puzzle ; a million different colours. When different patchworks are being sown together, it can look messy and you won’t get to see the beauty of the work until it’s done

so just TRUST and SURRENDER.

He wants us to understand that we are one body and as we get concerned and more busy with healing each other, we are actually healing ourselves 😉.


A little note from God 😉


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