Heya! The beautiful month of May which happens to be my birthday monthπŸ˜ƒ has began, so I think this motivation note is coming in just at the right time.


When you write an anniversary post stating that you used to breakdance in your heydays and then few days later, you meet one of your readers and friend at church and he goes like: “show me the moves !” πŸ˜‚, what do you do ?

Well, I managed to convince him that we weren’t in an appropriate place so he should drop that idea.

Okay. I think I have to specify that the part I played in the group was that of being part of the choreographers. I didn’t exactly do the crazy moves like that girl is doing in the image up there πŸ˜„πŸ‘†. I left those to the guys and some other madly talented girls. 

On a more serious note though. I remember one of my dance partners and close friend whose aunt came to watch us dance on the night of our big show and later told her niece  (i. e. my friend) that she had no idea “heavily endowed-bodied “πŸ˜‚ people could move their bodies that way, so she thinks that she needs to start dancing too because after watching me, she now believes that she can! That woman and I’m pretty sure, many more people were impressed just like her.

Honnestly, look at me πŸ˜„

 If I can breakdance,  what can’t you do ? It’s true that in those days I wasn’t this much endowed but all the same, I loved dancing and I still do, so I went for it. I didn’t allow anyone tell me what they thought I could do or not do; not even my family.

I want you to realise that the only barrier standing between you and that dream you want to achieve is YOURSELF!  You are the first culprit if you’ve not made a single move towards your dream yet. Who tells you, you can’t do it ?!

It’s true and I do not neglect the fact that in those days, I had just entered teenagehood and I had very little consciousness of the way I looked. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was somewhere around 4 when it comes to being conscious of my physical appearance. And I’m glad it was that way because I’m happy I made someone else believe in herself ! Nowadays, the world has gone into a craze about how everyone should look like; unrealistic heavily airbrushed images are constantly shoved down our brains but the truth is, no matter how you think you look – to others and yourself- , IT’S NEVER A BARRIER . Truly, the problem is only in your mind! I have tested this for myself. You may feel like telling me, ” yeah. Nice one CeeJ but talk for yourself. You don’t know what I’m being faced with and this isn’t about breakdance “. Fine but whatever it is, just try ‘cos if you don’t, you’ll never know and you don’t wanna spend the rest of your life wondering : what if…

Plus, one thing is sure anyway, you’re going to gain either one of these two things: a success story or a learning experience πŸ˜‰. It’s never a failure.

But oh, one last thing. Did I forget to say ?: 




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