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Baby, how are you doing today?

I’m missing you a lot. Still thinking about that day

The day I meet you

So I thought why not write you another letter. Maybe it will reach you earlier than I know. All things are possible, right ?

You know, one of the things I had promised myself is that you wouldn’t come and find me like this

I am referring to my life long battle with extra pounds . You wouldn’t believe it if I told you all the crazy things I have done to make them go

About a little over a year ago, I got closer to my goal than ever. But a full year at home gave them the time to come back and even bring some friends with themselves.

I was so disappointed and mad at myself. I almost panicked knowing that the time for you to be here in this life of mine is getting closer and closer

But then I have decided to see the brighter side of this whole thing: if you meet me as I am now πŸ™ˆ and love me…like I know you will

Then I have nothing to worry about

Anyway, daddy always tells me that the man I marry is going to love EVERY part of me; my bourrelets d’amours* included πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

But make no mistake please, the fact that I wanna look and stay healthy by cutting a few kilos down doesn’t mean I doubt how beautiful and sexy this body of mine is.

I promise you this has nothing to do with low self-esteem. You can ask miss Peace Thonard who inspired me to write this second epistle or miss Dosoo Korkor whom I affectionately call Kinshasa

They’ll tell you all about how no one has more self-esteem and confidence than I do. Well, on some days more than others I guess. Lol

I also want you to know that, this is not to say I am giving up on this anti-kilos campaign I’m on.

It’s not all about having you awestruck when you see me from day one, it’s also about my own health and increasing my sex-appeal level πŸ˜‰

Yes, I said it!

They day I meet you,

There are a number of things I have to warn you about though

I am not the kind of Christian woman who is afraid to talk about sex (in the proper context) or how to be a married woman with a killer sex life.

In fact I even plan to have such a special women’s ministry.

I believe that most of our ladies (about to be married and married) seriously lack that sex education component in their knowledge baggage.

Many marriages are hitting the rocks because madam has no sex life BECAUSE she think it’s unholy to use positions in bed other than those in the “Holy Sutra” agreed on by the Church. Hence her frequent use of the star-fish position

Come on in boo boo! I’m all ready! Just do ya thing

where all she does is lie down there like a log of wood while hubby does all the work

BECAUSE they think it unholy to wear certain kind of underwear or piece of clothing (in the privacy of their home) so that hubby goes wild when he sees them

They’d rather stick to the kind of panties and brassieres our grandmothers wore during last century because “I am a Pastor’s wife”. JeZOz! 😡😨😱

But I don’t Β totally blame my ladies. No one thought them what they needed to be thought because such things are widely taboo beginning from our (christian) homes, so how much more in Church!

Baby, GOD. MADE. SEX. for Christ sake!!

Don’t you think He’d want us to put every chance on our side so we can enjoy it? If it was just for making babies, then it should be “tasteless”

Darling, when it’s time to preach and teach, you’ll find me rightly standing behind the pulpit with fire on my tongue and anointing dripping from my head

But when it’s “time for the time” or even that time before the time, you’ll find a different kind of woman with the proper fire and anointing for the circumstances

My other warning has to do with the expression of my love

You remember in my last letter, I spoke of the fact that I don’t know how to do things half way ? Right

I really don’t know how to be: half a friend, half a girlfriend, half a wife… It’s either I’m all up in it or I’m totally not

Many a people find it hard to understand the kind of passion that I come to everything that I do with and they can’t stand the kind of emotions I bring

I really don’t know how to dish out feelings with a measurement ladle. I’d be fake doing that and being fake is not part of my DNA coding

I’ll love you in a way no woman has ever dared to. I don’t even think I wanna have the patience for you to start first before I show you all the diverse manners in which I can love you

I’ll wait for you to give the “coup d’envoi”* though ‘cos I know you are the pursuer and I don’t wanna take that from you
My love can seem overwhelming and choking at times, but baby, I’ll learn

And together we’ll grow

I’m currently taking another one of my patience and long-suffering exams again and Baby, it’s hard! Real hard and stressful but again, you’re more than worth it

People always tell me about how great an adviser I can be. However, I do not allow this to get into my head. I am aware love is that decision that stays after the butterflies have stopped flapping their wings in my tummy

And theory may be harder than practice because having theoretical knowledge (book knowledge) about a certain field doesn’t automatically make you an expert in it. Practice is the real thing.
And oh, before I forget…

I recently came across someone who is beginning to look more and more like you. But don’t worry. I am being extra careful cos I’m aware that copies can sometimes look exactly like the original.

I hope it’s not you playing tricks on me though πŸ‘€

Cos I’d make you pay for that the day I meet you 😏

You better hurry up.

How long do you think a girl can keep an oreo chocolate ice cream without being tempted ? I know I love you but…

Come on !! Let’s not exaggerate πŸ˜„

Your soon to meet you bae. On days like this when I need a hug so badly 😊

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