Really ? This is such a fat lie from the pit of hell.  A deception and an invitation to continue basking in sheer ignorance.

As a christian, when you hear about engaging into politics, what comes to your mind? What’s your reaction? 

Are you like:  Never! Or… Why not?

This post was inspired by a comment someone made on one of Pastor Marcus Roger’s posts about the current heated political debates going on in the USA now as they are about to choose a new president.

This person claimed that christians should not be involved in politics and many other people blindly followed by either liking the comment or saying something that backed it up.

Now, my question is:

If christians are not to mingle with political affairs, who should go and vote, who should make the laws under which we’d all be living, who should choose the country’s representatives in and outside the country and who should make the important decisions for the nation? Who did you say?    👂👀

I think it’s rather the opposite. The Church is God’s compass for a nation. 

We are to get involved and give guidance led by divine wisdom and directives. We are not to leave this to unbelievers. NO! That’s how many nations got where they are now in the first place. We need staunch christians strategically placed in important positions in the government; we need godly leaders so we can have a godly nation led by God.

Study all the kingdoms the Bible talks about (In Israel then. Read the books of first and second Kings and Judges one and two) , you’ll see that the nation flourished whenever they had godly leaders who always received guidance from and listened to the men of God. Israel in the beginning was even led by judges and then prophets before Kings came in, and they only did because the people asked for it. They insisted on having a king like they saw in the other nations around themselves.

Those men of God were the politicians (president, prime minister, minister of state, senator, parliamentarians… ) of theirs days; people like Daniel, Samuel, Gideon, David, Solomon etc.  Lets read our Bibles and get understanding.

The world would be such a better place to live in, if only we had grasped this truth and woken up early enough. But as it stands now, we are failing miserably. The Church is failing.

Some true christians (in this dimension of understanding) however recently caught the revelation and we would all do well to take example on them. Countries like Uganda (I am yet to hear of any other country though), made a whole-hearted return to the God kind of political leadership in October 2012. They first organised a ceremony where the president publicly confessed his own sins and the sins of the nation (mentioning them specifically),  he then renounced them, asked for forgiveness and dedicated Uganda back to God. In another more recent ceremony I heard of, the Church leadership was given back its rightful place of influence in the affairs of the nation. The government handed to the clergy a symbolic giant golden key to seal the historical decision. 

Ah! What joy it must have been in heaven, and what shameful defeat in the camp of the enemy!

The veil had just fallen off of the eyes of the Ugandan government and Church. They got understanding and see clearly. The devil can no longer deceive them with that lie. The gap had been breached

Uganda has shown us the way. They are pointing us back to the ancient paths of righteousness. Time to follow!

Let’s take another look at the United states themselves. Everybody wondering “what at all is going wrong with the United States of America ?! ” I firmly believe that the reason they rose to their position of first world super power was because they started out by choosing godly and god-fearing presidents and they based their constitution and everything on God’s word; the Bible. 

Observe and you’ll see that they started loosing that position of world’s greatest super power and everything went into chaos the moment they started pushing God out their doors; their school doors, their office doors, court doors, home doors etc. by continuously taking decisions and making laws that as a nation made them stray further and further away from the biblical foundations they built on.

Take a close look even at other faiths. Let’s take islamic countries for example. Have you ever seen an islamic country where they do not mix their political affairs with their faith? There’s not even one such islamic country. Their beliefs are rather at the core of everything the government does and of how they manage and lead their countries.
But with us christians, us who have the true words of life and light, the world has succeeded at making us believe that we should hide our light and keep our faith and beliefs separated from how we manage our countries, and we think we are doing well. We rejoice in thinking that we are being tolerant and loving by suppressing our faith and making way for other faiths to even rise and dictate their laws to us. We’ve opened our arms wide to every kind of religious falsehood there is, after we let them pass behind us and blindfold us. They kept whispering to us: “It is all right. You know you are doing the right thing. This is the way forward; the way of religious freedom and true love ” and we candidly and naively agreed every step of the way.

When I was still in Ghana, I heard of a case going on Legon campus.

Muslim students protested that if exams can hold on Fridays which are their mosque “mass service” days, exams should hold on Sundays as well since they are the day most christians worship in their churches. Wow. And so it was granted. On Legon campus now, you have people writing exams on Sundays. My GOD!

Which islamic country can you go to and dictate such a law ?!  I mean something similar.  Say… there should be exams on Fridays if friday was a holiday because muslims go to the mosque on that day. By the time, you are done raising such a petition, your head might even be found on a platter. Why? Because those people don’t joke with their beliefs. They understood that their faith should not be separated from their politic. It is a shame and an example to us christians, but many of us are still not seeing it. In fact, most of us, are yet to.

Time to wake up folks! We’ve been too blind for too long. Complacently sitting back and letting unbelievers take the wheel. See the mess we now find ourselves in. Time to shake the lethargy off.

Can you just imagine if somebody with the charisma, spiritual maturity and anointing of Bishop Dag Heward Mills or prophet Atsu Manasseh for example was the president of Ghana? How wonderful would that be ? Or if someone like Derick Prince was president of China or again, if mr Rick Joyner was president of the US AND WERE BACKED BY THE CHURCH HOLDING ITS RIGHTFUL POSITION ? You can close your eyes and imagine for just a minute. Beautiful, right ?

Of course, everything won’t just become rosy at once like magic.There will be great resistance and work to be done in the beginnings but there would sure be a huge difference. Hmm…I hope at this point you are feeling me on this. I rest my case. To the wise, a word is enough.

If this post annoyed you, then you know what to do 😉



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