PLEASE CONTACT MY PSYCHIATRIST-He specialises in Emergencies and hopeless cases no one else wants to take or everyone else has given up on.


I’ve heard people say:

“Life is no fun without a woman”

Huh ?!! Next time I hear a guy say that, “Ima take to ma heels”. Lol

My brodaaa, are you waiting on a woman before you can have fun and enjoy life to the fullest? Then, I’m afraid you need to check where your focus is. You need to redefine and realigne your priorities ‘cos if you don’t and you keep thinking that way, you’re likely just going to be an anchor around someone’s daughter’s neck because you’ll be expecting her to make you happy.

Understand this: no human being can be responsible for another one’s happiness. You first need to find your joy and happiness in the Lord on your own, in whatever season of life you are in right now. Then when that blessing of a beautiful help meet comes around, she’ll be just that: a HELP meet, not the main or original source. Only God can give you joy in life and SHE AIN’T GOD!

 I’ve also heard people say:
“In order to be the right kind of man to a woman, aside being her man, you need to be her: best friend, psychiatrist, confident, therapist…” 

Say whaaat?! Haahaa

Honey, whatever issues it is you have, no man can solve it. Speaking of myself, I know for a fact that no man can fix me even if they devoted their entire life to it. What he should and can do for you on the contrary, is to show patience, understand you and keep loving you while you’re still learning to love yourself. 

The fixing part? Only God can do it. Sweety, no man can heal you, restore you, repair you…. NO MAN CAN FIX YOU. HE AIN’T GOD. As a matter of fact, no human being can fix another. Those who try doing that, playing Holy Ghost Junior, only end up cutting themselves badly. 

Sis, don’t wait around for a “mister fix me” or “mister fix it”. Enjoy your life as it is now. Taking one day at a time. Don’t tell me there is nothing enjoyable about your life. The fact that you’re alive and breathing is cause for celebration. Allow the only person who has an accreditation in fixing broken human beings to help you: his name is Jesus Christ, the Wonderful counselor And Comforter.

It’s true God uses human beings to deal with other human beings to help one another heal, get back up and all, but THEY ARE NOT THE MAIN SOURCE. Your eyes must not be fixed on them but on the Lord. They are only a channel and trying to make them your source will:

1- drain them

2- drain you

3- suck the life out of the relationship

4- disappoint you

5- maybe leave you with more scars than you had because you expected something from someone who cannot and was not supposed to be the one giving it to you anyway.

These are the reasons why psychiatrists are failing so badly and the rate of suicides and human misery related to psychological issues just keeps increasing. Jesus is the only psychiatrist Whose therapy truly works.

I am not telling you cunningly devised tails. It’s not some utopia I’m trynna sell you. I am telling you about what I have experienced for myself; I would have otherwise lost my sanity by now. So why not give Him a chance today? He created you,  He knows exactly what you need. 

I am not promising you however that once you contact Him everything will be rosy for you; no more trials. No. One thing He however guarantees is: Perfect peace of mind and rest for your soul and mind.

There is nevertheless one condition as with every treatment: you must cooperate with the doctor for the therapy to work: 

– if He says let go, LET GO

– if He says forgive 

: that very person you trusted but who took advantage of your naivete and abused you so badly, 

that man who made you wait for 20 years with the promise to marry you but never did and is now telling you to move on after you’ve turned 36

that woman you had a baby with but who left you for another man

that best friend you loved as your own soul but who cut you off with no explanation and apparent reason…


– if He says let the past be the past, LET THE PAST BE THE PAST​

My last advice? Do not try doing it on your own. Always always always rely on the psychiatrist. Go for as many sessions as you want. Never be afraid to call on Him. Reach out no matter what time of the day it is. Never be ashamed to tell Him anything; He already knows anyway so just talk to Him. 

And above all, never give up. No matter how many times you fail or fall back, never throw in the towel. Always run to Him again. He will not point fingers and accuse you or make fun of you. The devil who is the accuser of the brethren does that. Jesus? He is our heavenly intercessor, our advocate and Lover and my Psychiatrist.

So, please feel free to contact my psychiatrist. His direct line, prayer, is always open: Talk to Him as you would to a friend.

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