Episode 12-Final 

In episode 11, God gave Adjoa a sneak peek into what her future with Kyle would have been like.  When she woke up, she was grateful to God it was a nightmare.  This time around, she will listen to the voice of wisdom no matter how hard completely letting go of Kyle is; no matter the sacrifices.



Can you Imagine!? All of them from the faith hall of fame in Heb 11: 17-40: Abraham, Enoch, Isaac, Moses, Sampson, Jacob, Ruth, Rahab, Gideon, Jephthah, David and so many more, ALL CHEERING YOU ON !!?

Back to reality. Almost two years later.

Edje, look, look!!! Adjoa almost screamed, attracting curious onlookers.

Edje looked in the direction her friend was pointing to her. Oh, so that’s him, Edje said.

Yes, lets hurry before he sees us, Adjoa suggested while pulling her friend away.

Eii… I now understand ooh. That’s like an atomic bomb! I don’t blame you my friend, Edje joked.

So this one, what do you call him? He wasn’t really a boyfriend… Is he your ex or what?

Naa, he is more like… almost-my-ex, Adjoa replied while laughing heartily.

The Lord had pulled her out of that miry clay early enough. As she looked back and stole one last glance at him, she realised that truly, it was by grace that she escaped this time. Next time, she will pay heed to the Spirit’s promptings. She had learnt that ignoring them, was an over-expensive risk to take.

Adjoa still had a long way to go with her battle Though. She kept fighting the urge and the desire to go back for at least another good year, that desire was strongest when she felt lonely, but giving up was no option. That urge wasn’t born so much out of true feelings than it was out of simply missing the fact that she always had someone lavishing attention on her. She knew that obeying was better than sacrifice, and she had learnt it the hard way.

Walking in purpose was more important than any flimsy feelings she had. There was something inside so strong; something pushing her !!!

It wasn’t just about her. It was about the lives and souls that were at stake. It was about the generations that were counting on her and had to benefit from her ministry and calling on this earth. It was about all God had already invested in her; she couldn’t waste all of that. It was about her most important love affair: the Lover of her soul was counting on her, and she didn’t want to disappoint Him.

So, no she couldn’t. She couldn’t just throw everything down the drain for some short-lived pleasure and instant gratification. She was aware that her actions and decisions created a chain of consequences that rippled even into life after here; they rippled into eternity. The destinies of many were linked to hers, she just couldn’t be so self-centered or selfish even to the point of bringing innocent human beings into this world and have them suffer and pay for her mistakes.“Follow your heart”, they say. What if your heart is leading you into a pit ???  As the good Book says, the heart of man is deceptive above all else. 

Plus, she knew they were watching her. Not just those of this life who looked up to her, but all those who went on ahead of her. She could hear them cheering her on: ADJOA, ADJOA, ADJOA! KEEP PUSHING BABE! GET UP DEAR. DON’T YOU GIVE UP! YOU’RE DOING GREAT DEARIE, KEEP UP! She could heard the uproar from the great cloud of witnesses so clearly. She was an athlete, a gladiator in the arena. She had to keep up the fight, keep running. She had to run according to the rules. She had to run well and finish her race.

The End ! 

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