Episode 11

In episode 10, Adjoa repeated her mistake; she almost gave in to Kyle. After that, she decided to go to her mentor for help and therefore told him everything. From then, Kyle never contacted her again, but she was still struggling within. She wished everything was more simple.


It was a bright and beautiful saturday afternoon. The church bells were clinging melodiously and the birds beautifully chirped as in answer to the sound. All of nature seemed to celebrate that day too. Adjoa smiled back at the beautiful her
she saw in the mirror. It was her day; her wedding day. Her dream had come true after all. Adjoa looked splendid in her white gown. She wore an artistically worked side pony tail with a silver and diamond ornament. Her necklace and bracelets were both in white gold and diamond. The make up artist had done an outstanding job. When she appeared, Kyle couldn’t hide his excitement anymore. She was the most beautiful bride he had ever seen. They exchanged their vows followed by the rings. The guests cheered on and were ecstatic.
Shortly after their wedding, Adjoa had given birth to their twin boys and then a little girl. 

Their home felt more like a furnace than a home. Almost every day of the one year they lived together under the same roof had been a thorn in their flesh. Kyle and her were again into one of their heated arguments when he came to visit, about what their children should be thought. The kids all burst into tears as they always do in such moments. It had become a routine. They were confused as to what to believe in: dad said there was no God and that they could live their lives as they pleased and believe whatever they wanted to. He maintained that even if there was a God, he had no son who came to die on a cross for us and resurrected after 3 days, or that even if He did, that son is certainly not the only way to heaven— if at all there is any heaven—. So many “even ifs” . Mum on the other hand, said there was a God who gave His only begotten son for us and whom we must cultivate a private relationship with in order to discover and live out our purpose on earth. She said Jesus was the only way, the only truth and the only life to the Father and salvation. She kept telling us that Jesus will be back soon and that we must watch our lives in order to remain RAPTUREABLE.

8 months into their marriage, they had been living in separate rooms, then they agreed they needed a physical separation, so Kyle left the house. Adjoa was so irritated by the things he thought the kids every time he spent time with them, she despised him in her heart. Kyle could stand his wife no more. He also resented her strongly. He resented her faith in a God He deemed dead and useless. Their separation upgraded to Kyle filling for divorce, so he could finally have a peaceful relationship with the other woman he had found. There was obviously no more hope for their marriage. He shattered the kids’ hope of dad coming back home one day.

It had been 18 long years. They moved to the Bronx in the USA.

A middle age divorced mother with three kids; that was her new status. Adjoa was bitter. Raising her kids alone out of that broken home had resulted into disastrous circumstances. Her twin boys, out of their need for a father figure, joined a neighborhood gang and were participating in armed robberies. Every night she had to be on her knees begging God for their lives which could end at any time due to a lost bullet, a gang war, a knife fight or anything in between. Her baby girl who was by then a teenager, had been arrested for shop lifting for the 8th time in 6 months. After Adjoa went to pay the caution with what she had left of her maigre salary, and took her baby girl back home, another shocking news was awaiting her. Her daughter was pregnant and wouldn’t tell who the father was. Adjoa felt her world falling apart one more time. She felt the ground turning to quick sand beneath her feet. Now was too late to regret the choices she had made. She felt trapped.

She let out a loud pain-filled scream when she woke up greatly agitated and sweat.

“Oh…Oh…Oh! she breathed out heavily. It was a dream, she said in a whisper of exhaustion. It was all a dream.Thank you Lord”. Her heart was pounding as fast as if it was boiled yam under the furious attack of the pestles of two Ewe girls who had a PhD in fufu pounding and were measuring their strengths. And for the very first time, she found herself thanking God for a nightmare.

For her, this sealed the deal. God in his mercies had allowed her to foresee the future. Her maker was advising her one more time. This was a one on one direct counseling and she knew she had better pay heed.

She’ll add no more new episodes to the story of her tail with Kyle. It was over.


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