Episode 9

In episode 8, Adjoa found out the person who called out to her in the hallway was none but her mentor and pastor, pastor Wilson. She therefore couldn’t go out to meet Kyle who waited in vain until he decided to leave. By the next day very early in the morning, Adjoa had made up her mind to go see him and get closure. Or maybe she was just looking for a restart.


She rang the bell once.No response. She rang it a second, then a third time. Still no response. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come here. Maybe he’s mad at me for what happened yesterday. What if he asks me to leave when he sees me? I’ll die of embarrassment”. She was now regretting she went. Still lost in her own thoughts, she was about to turn around and walk away when she heard the click of a door key turning in a lock. She stopped and looked back.

Kyle came out, his six-pack abs
uncovered, wearing something just a little bigger than a boxer short. He wore a robe but left the sash untied.He was still sleepy, so he didn’t notice her shyly looking away.  ADJOA! He exclaimed. Before she could protest, Kyle had carried her in his arms and was swirling her svelte body around. He put her down after she incessantly pleaded with him while hitting his chest like a little child. He then opened the door. A moment please, let me put on something more appropriate, he said when he realised he was half naked and Adjoa’s face was turning something close to the colour of blushing .

By this time, I thought you’d be getting ready to go to campus. What happened?

We’re on break and I’m on break from work too, so…. Sorry to come unannounced but I figured I had to see you before you left for work, she answered.

Kyle gave her one of his wide killer smiles and said: I’m no longer sure I’ll be going to work today, since something important just popped up, he calmly said while winking at her. I’ll make breakfast babe. Please just relax and give me a moment, he added. He raised a finger to her lips before Adjoa could say a word.

That was how she found herself comfortably sitting on that bed-couch again as the overwhelmingly exquisite aroma of whatever Kyle was cooking filled the apartment. She felt her stomach rumble, but more than that, she felt her heart go wild. You know that kind of music that just makes you want to do stuffs like: kiss and cuddle when you hear it, though your mind wasn’t even on any of that? That was what Kyle had started playing. Kyle came back to her, holding a tray with two plates of crumbled eggs with cheese and bacon and some croissants on the side. He also brought a tall jug of her favourite drink: lemon ice tea and camomile and glasses to drink it in. He disappeared one last time and came back with a big plate of exotic fresh fruits, nicely sliced with utmost perfection. Adjoa watched him go and come with the smile still on his face.

When he was finally settled. He came to stand in front of her, went down to her level and started looking her in the eye, scrutinising every part of her pretty face. Oh my God! He is even more handsome than the last time I saw him! Please help me not to faint. Not here, she prayed.
Kyle kept staring at her. He knew he was making her uncomfortable but he enjoyed it. Adjoa looked down in embarrassment. “Loveliest thing I’ve ever seen”: he whispered into her ear. Adjoa felt a chill in her spine and the hair on her body raised as in response to some electrical trigger.

“God, I’m so confused.What am I doing here? What the hell is going to happen now? ”

To be continued…

PS: If you’re loving the story, please keep sharing. I’m also wondering what’s happening over there in episode 10. I can smell dangerous passion and rising BPs. Let’s go see!  😉


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