Episode 10

In episode 9, Kyle came to open the door just as Adjoa was about to turn back after ringing his bell in vain. He was so excited about her visit that he made her a sumptuous breakfast. But  it seems something else went down after they ate that breakfast.



Will Adjoa really follow this time?

She remembers they ate breakfast. How
her attempt at explaining to Kyle why she couldn’t be with him turned into lingering kisses and moans, she couldn’t tell. His hands seemed to be everywhere at the same time. She was ready to give it all when his phone rang. While he reached for it, just to silence it, Adjoa regained her senses. She repeatedly whispered to herself: “thou shall not desecrate the temple of the Lord thy God”. Tears began to trickle down her cheecks. She covered her face with both hands. The only answer she could give to a totally confused and panicking Kyle who kept questioning her was: “There is a God and He is watching us right now. There is a God and He is not in agreement with this.” She kept saying this while slowly shaking her head from left to right.
When she pulled herself out of that couch for the second time and got home. She locked her door and cried her eyes out some more. She didn’t let Kyle see her off. Though he insisted, she called a cab like she should have done the very first time. She couldn’t leave things to chance a second time.

She called her mentor and told him about everything ‘cos she realised she couldn’t win this battle on her own. Edje was always there for her but her help wasn’t enough. Aside that, she wondered what her friend would have thought of her going back to the very ditch God had pulled her out of not so long ago.

Pastor Wilson had to convince Adjoa to give her Kyle’s phone number. She doesn’t exactly know how he did it but she never heard from Kyle again after that day. He probably meet Kyle and gave him one of his drill test conversations. It worked every time and kept the most insisting and dangerous predators at bay…. lol.

Many nights after that, she laid wide awake in bed. Many nights, she dreamt of Kyle coming to cuddle her. She dreamt of waking up to his baritone voice. Many mornings, she still felt the touch of Kyle’s lips on hers.

Letting go was difficult; in fact, more than difficult. She hated that she still thought if him all day long. He was always at the back of her mind, no matter what time of the day it was or what she was doing. Kyle was always there. It was as though she never left his side that day. The arms of Kyle, the memories, the crazy laughs shared together were all calling, but destiny was calling too. Adjoa was still uncertain as to which voice to listen to. The first one was so appealing. She wished everything was as simple as dancing a slow in the rain with a complete stranger you had a crush on but knew you’d never get to see again.

She wished everything was as simple as in a fairy tail — and they lived happily ever after — or a dream.

Ps : Hmm. What will it take for Adjoa to understand that Kyle is now her past and there is no future in it? Maybe God will have to do one last force intervention.

PSS:  Keep sharing. We are almost at the end…


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