Episode 7

In episode 6, we gave Adjoa the mic. She talked to us about why she cried as much as she did over what happened with Kyle in episode 5. It was an open heart and deep conversation. Then CeeJ continued with the story and told us how after many months of silence and self-restraint, Adjoa almost replied to one more convincing message Kyle  had sent her.


The feelings battling within her were fierce; really fierce.

After receiving another heart melting message from Kyle and almost replying, she could not sleep. She kept turning and tossing herself in bed. She cried some more, then she decided to take her frustration to God or maybe…out on Him? It had been ages since she really took the time to talk to Him.

In a tone heavy of sadness and choked by a few silent tears, she said: Father, can you hear me? I know I brought this on myself, but right now, I just wanna talk to you like I didn’t.  This is too hard. Why is it so hard? Daddy, I’m hurting and struggling. It hurts. It burns and I can literally feel it in my chest. I know I prayed for you to give me a love for you that supersedes my love for anything or anyone else, but this is too hard. Is there no other way of doing this, please? Why can he not be the one? He was right, we were so great together. Why does that have to end? And what if I could change him, Father ? What if I could change him for real. I know he genuinely and truly loves me. We simply had a wrong start but we can still make it right. Right? We can make it work. You my God, of all people, know that the fire of love is fierce and cannot be quenched even by many waters. Your Word says it.

She was now quoting Kyle’s arguments back to God.

She waited for an answer, but silence  alone welcomed her questions.

Kyle had no idea the battle she was fighting on her own. He kept texting and sometimes calling her everyday but she had resolved to stay quiet. Until one evening he wrote: Adj babe, don’t be mad. I can’t explain how I found myself here, but please forgive me. I’m downstairs. I need to see you 😥

Adjoa froze as her phone dropped out of her hands. She felt as though she was in a dream. It didn’t feel real. Her legs had already started carrying her before her brain could make the command and her common sense impress on her the urge to resist. She took a first and then a second step and before she knew it, she was running down the stairs. She was about to walk pass someone in the hallway when she heard: Adjoa! She jumped ‘cos the voice sounded like …

To be continued

PS: Are you done sharing? Come along. Let’s go see what happens in episode 8. Who could that mysterious voice in the hallway belong to? 


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