Something or someone you are tempted to choose over obedience to Him. Our love to the Lord is demonstrated not by words but by obedience

Episode 8

In episode 7, Adjoa had spent a good part of her night questioning God and trying to bargain with Him about Kyle. A few days later, Kyle paid Adjoa a surprise visit. But just as Adjoa was about to go meet him outside her building where he waited, someone else called out her name in the hallway.


The voice sounded like Pastor Wilson’s…. She pulled the breaks and slowly turned her head.
Daddy ! She said in a surprised and somewhat disappointed voice.

You’re here! What a surprise!
Adjoa felt warm and cold in her feet at the same time. Her blood did one quicker than usual round through her body.

Yes , my one and only francophone daughter in the whole Switzerland. I just felt a strong prompting to pay you a visit at this very hour. Were you going somewhere? You seemed to really be in a hurry. You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Are you alright? Pastor Wilson asked with a quizzical look on his face.

Adjoa had to quickly think of something. In a split second, the lie came out before she could hold it back: I’m alright and no…I was going nowhere. I just felt like coming down the stairs too. I guess the Spirit was leading me as well. As you always tell us: there is diversity of actions, but the same Spirit worketh all in all of us. She said with a forced smile.

Yes! That’s my daughter! Pastor Wilson replied already too excited to notice the sudden change in her countenance.

Lets go upstairs please. Adjoa entreated him.

For the next one hour, Adjoa sat in her hall sofa across from her mentor, listening to him talk about who shall ascend unto the holy mountain of the Lord. Adjoa’s mind was very far away from that holy mountain at the moment. Her mentor’s words sounded like faint echoes in the far distance just like when you go hiking in the mountains

Thank God this wasn’t a question and answer session, she didn’t have to talk much, otherwise Pastor Wilson would have realised something was off. She kept thinking about Kyle…
During that time. Kyle who had waited quiet long, was now wondering what was going on. He called her phone but no response. It was off. He was tempted to go in and knock at her door but not knowing how she would react, he decided not to. Plus, he would first have to find her room since he didn’t know her apartment number. He couldn’t go round randomly knocking at people’s door. Without that information, the porter wouldn’t have let him upstairs anyway.

As he drove away, he felt as though his heart was being squashed by an invisible hand. A tear fell from the corner of his left eye.

That day, Adjoa had another sleepless night. She cried too. She cried because she felt like Judas who was about to betray her Lord. She could not remember a word Pastor Wilson had said. All of her head was filled with Kyle and butterflies.

When Pastor Wilson was ready to leave, she couldn’t wait to see him off, so she could step outside and check whether Kyle was still there, but when she did, her doubts were confirmed: he was gone. She felt the sting of disappointment. She had rushed back upstairs to quickly switch on her phone, but no messages from him. She had come to enjoy those messages and his persistence. She secretly loved that he didn’t give up, but that evening, it felt like he had. That was why the next morning found her in front of Kyle’s door, ringing his bell…

To be continued…

PS: Did your heart beat faster too ? Then see you tomorrow for episodes 9 and 10! What is   Adjoa about to do again? Adjoaaa !!!(in Elorm Daketse’s voice) lol.

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