*Sad theme music playing in the background* (I don’t know what music, just imagine one). Adjoa walks up on stage and the deem light shines down on her .

At this point, some of you reading the story might feel confused as to why I was crying so hard over something I didn’t “really” do. No, this is not CeeJ narrating the story to you anymore. This is Adjoa or sugary sweet potatoe like Kyle used to call me. If you’ve been following my story, I feel the need to talk to you before you proceed. Like they say, there’s no need crying over spilled milk. What has happened has happened but my tears were not so much about that than it was about the hidden reality I was aware of: the castle of my unbroken fellowship with the Lord Jesus had been broken into.  I had made Kyle an idol in my life and the worst part is, it had to get to that for me to wake up. The “reverse side” if I may say, of being an intimate of the Lord is that, the pain of being far away from him is heart wrenching and exceedingly painful. If you’ve truly been in the bosom of the Lover of our souls, you cannot stand being far away from him; not even for a split second. I had been away for so long. I had allowed Kyle to slowly crept up between us. Besides all that, my heart was crying because I wasn’t totally innocent in this matter. I know that’s what CeeJ let you guys believe in the last episode, but I knew I was exposing myself to danger when I chose to stay at Kyle’s place and wait for him at that late hour of the night where we’d find ourselves alone when he was back! I had just seen the blackness of my own heart and desires. CeeJ walks in: heehr Adjoa! Gimme the mic. Lol

-Okay, wait. I’m almost done.

-1 minute more wai. I’m the one telling the story.

Adjoa on the mic: I was aware of some higher truth that couldn’t be seen with the eyes and it made my tears flow harder in the escalator that night. I had just taken like a few steps backward in my relationship with the Lord; in my race. I would now have to rebuild and refind that which was lost through that single act of disobedience: the friendship of the Holy Spirit, the anointing to be a worker in God’s field, my spiritual growth (which was put to a halt). No athlete can reach the finish line if they keep running back to the start line by doing things that numb their spiritual senses. Yeah, don’t look so surprised. I knew of all that. I was a devout christian. And I had opened doors to the enemy. Nonetheless, none of that mattered more than my now broken relationship with the Lover of my soul. It laid shattered at my feet and I needed to start picking the broken pieces up one by one. One step at a time. Far away from Kyle.

Happy reading guys. Maybe I’ll talk to you again before the story ends. 🙂

CeeJ on the mic: *taps mic* 1, 2, 1, 2… Okay. So ehem. As I was telling you guys… 👇


Episode 6
In episode 5, Kyle came to drop Adjoa at her place after she made the mistake of staying too late at his place; they almost had sex. Edje had come downstairs to help a tearful Adjoa up to her apartment. Once inside her room, Adjoa cried herself to sleep.


For the following days, Edje was always there, praying with her and helping her do away with the guilt and get back on track.

Days and then weeks had gone by and there was no sign of Kyle anywhere. The horizon looked clear and with no thunder clouds in view. “Now I can truly breathe free” Adjoa thought to herself, but she had no idea what was awaiting her just around the corner…

Fast forward. 2 months later. Adjoa had really succeeded in getting Kyle out of her brain and maybe out of her heart too. Or so she thought. A tree even when cut down, still has hope when in contact with water

Her phone had been incessantly buzzing for 10 min now, but she didn’t reach for it ‘cos she was in the kitchen and still had chicken hands. When she finally did and switched her screen on, she saw the whatsapp notification sign in the left corner at the top. She opened it. It was messages from a strange number. She wondered who it could be. She read:

-ma pomme de terre sucrée. Her heart began to pound. Could this be real?

She read on:

how are you ? 🙂 please don’t block this number, I just wanna talk.

She quickly closed the app and held on to the counter. She felt dazed. After 20 min and with shaky hands, her trembling fingers opened the Whatsapp app again.

-I tried my best to respect your decision, but this is pure torture to me.

I can’t pretend no more. I’m loosing my sanity Adj! I don’t believe in letting some 2000 year old scribbles dictated by a supposedly good white bearded man sitting up there, separate us. You and I can make . We were so good together. Why should we have to throw all of that away? Doesn’t your own Bible say that love always hopes, always believes, never gives up and never fails? You see? I read it. Maybe not all, but I did.Our love, babe, cannot fail. Just as your Bible says, many waters cannot extinguish its fire. Ma pomme de terre sucrée, please say something!


All of a sudden, all of those feelings she thoughts were dead, began to fluctuate back. She felt as though locked in a water tank with only her head floating. She was about to be submerged. She could feel it cos the tingling sensation in her tomy was back.

With hesitation She typed:

I miss you too Kyle.How are you?

But then she quickly erased it.

To be continued…

Ps: Wanna find out what happened next?See you tonight for episode 7. Keep sharing!


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