Episode 5

In episode 4, after they came back from dinner. Kyle had innocently asked Adjoa to wait for him inside his apartment while he drove back to her place, his sister who had come unannounced. Adjoa agreed since Kyle had always been a perfect gentleman and she had nothing to fear. Or so she thought.


She could have called a cab, but Adjoa didn’t want to. She wanted her prince charming to drive her back. In fact, he had been extra sweet all evening long and she didn’t want to leave his company. No, not yet.

The newsman on the flat TV screen was talking about something she couldn’t quite follow because her eyelids were beginning to get really heavy and Kyle was taking longer than expected. So, she half-laid on his huge comfy bed-couch and fell deep asleep while her legs and feet remained on the floor. 

When she woke up, the TV was off and her body fully on the couch. She felt something or rather someone warm against herself. Kyle was laying besides her, gently rubbing her back and cuddling her. She wanted to tell him to stop but…those soft hands, the scent of his masculine perfume and his warm breath on her neck… the words didn’t come out. After a while, unable to hold it down, she turned around to face him and his lips tasted hers. The fireworks of their furious passion shot up high through the roof. Clothes were thrown about and the red line was about to be crossed when Adjoa found the strength to utter a faint “no Kyle”. He wouldn’t listen but she pleaded with him with such persistence, plus tears had started trickling down her face, so Kyle had to let go.

She got up, picked up and put on her beige silky dress, all the while avoiding eye contact with Kyle. He put on some clothes too and drove her back to her place. You could read the embarrassment on his pink looking face.

In the car, neither of them uttered a word. Adjoa knew she never could see him again, and Kyle could sense that, that was the end. She got down from the car. He understood; she didn’t have to say it out loud. He didn’t have the strength to try holding her back either. All he could say was : I’m sorry Adj. I didn’t mean for it to happen that way. I know your views on all that.I know the promises you made to yourself and I’m sorry for breaking them.I’m sorry too Kyle, Adjoa replied in a dry and broken tone before pushing through the tall glass door of their building.

Once inside, her steps felt heavy. She was grateful to God, the entrance hall was empty and the nosy night porter was no where in sight. She dialed Edje’s number.She was on speed dial. Fortunately her friend was not yet asleep, so she immediately came down. She held Adjoa’s hand and led her to the escalator. Once the door opened and they were inside, Edje put both her arms around Adjoa and allowed her to sob harder. When they got to the room, Edje simply stayed by her that night. She didn’t say a word since she had met her downstairs. Seeing the flood of tears in Adjoa’s eyes were enough for her to get it, that is why she simply gave her a long warm hug and asked for no explanation until her friend fell asleep of exhaustion from crying.

To be continued…

PS: Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow for episodes 6 and 7. For now, I’m counting on you to keep sharing and not keep it all to yourself 😉


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