Episode 4

In episode 3, Adjoa had agreed to go to dinner with Kyle after keeping him away for 16 days. 


If you want no regrets; best formula


Foxteer avenue , Oxley street 295. 5 star restaurant with a live jazz band. The atmosphere is soothing and Kyle is just being a prince charming like he knows how to.He had brought her flowers —her favourite: yellow roses— and a box of carefully selected and assorted Teuscher chocolates when he came to pick her up.
She knew what it means to be and not be unequally yoked, but here was Kyle, pulling her like a diamond decorated gigantic magnet. Kyle was dangling in front of her like a bait and she was about to bite. She was about to swallow it all.

-Ma pomme de terre sucrée. You seemed lost in your thoughts. Everything alright?

-Yes Kyle.

-Okay. So tell me.Do you plan on going back home when you’re done with school here?

-Yeah. I’m gonna have to.

-Oww. Too bad. Well, I can always come visit. I mean, how much is a plane ticket anyway?

Adwoa smiled back at him through her half empty pomegranate juice glass raised to her face.

-Kyle, we need to get going. It’s 11:30 pm. I’ve got class tomorrow and you know I work in the evenings.

And so it went on. One outing after the other. Adwoa had allowed Kyle to literary sweep her off her feet. He had said yes to everyone of her caprices. They went tangoing, salsaing and he helped her write gift cards for the disable kids of her Church when it was Christmas time. He even agreed to doing one of those crazy stuffs she had always wanted to try but never had the opportunity too until then: sky diving and delta planning! She thought Kyle might just back out when she brought that one up but no he didn’t. Hmm. What  a man can do when he sets his eyes on something, huh?

By then…

She had almost completely forgotten about making time for the Lord; she had lost the habit. Kyle always called very early in the morning, when it was still dawn, and they talked until she forgot there was anything called quiet time. He was her new quiet time subject every morning and her evening prayer topic; a topic she was beginning to get addicted to. How she loved to hear his deep baritone voice saying her name from the other side of the line!

When the call was over, her mind was full of his sweet nothings and oh, how he made her laugh!  She smiled to herself for like ever till she remembered she only had enough time left to shower and get ready for class. She had come to trust Kyle so much and that was why when he asked her to come inside and wait for her on one of the evenings while he drove his sister back to her place because she had come unannounced and it was too late to let her take a bus back, she simply said yes.

That apartment. It was luxury itself; expensive wooden furniture in a vintage deco style. She had been there before but never stayed longer than 10 minutes. What did she have to fear anyway? Kyle had always been a perfect gentleman.

So, there was nothing to fear. Right?

To be continued… 

*The best master chocolatier company in Switzerland and the world

*Ma pomme de terre sucrée: my sweet potatoe

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