Episode 3

In Episodes 1 and 2, We got to know about how Adjoa meet Kyle at the mall as she went lingerie shopping and got a bit lost. 


Next day. 10:30 a.m.

Adjoa’s phone buzzed with the whatsapp ringtone.

-Heya, sorry I couldn’t get in touch earlier today. My day’s been hectic. Ma pomme de terre sucré, how are you? 🙂

He was giving her pet names already.

-I’m fine Kyle. Oh ok. I hope u’ve been able to get some rest by now.

-Yes I have dear. But I’d feel much better if you were here. What I wouldn’t give for a massage by your beautiful fingers.

…. 10 min. Adjoa was silent.

-Hey you there?

-Yes. I am. So what will you be doing tomorrow? She asked trying to change the topic of conversation.

-ooh, work as usual. But I’ve been thinking abt the weekend, you know? Have diner with me tomorrow night and we’ll make plans for a getaway. Say yes? Please please please 😭😥😥😁!!!

-As for the getaway, it’s a no no. hmm. Kyle… I really don’t know. What would your girlfriend think?

-Alright. You still don’t believe me when I tell you I don’t have one? Come find out for yourself tomorrow then. I’ll cook for you. It’s been 16 long and excruciatingly painful days since I last saw you ! Adj sweety, I can’t wait no more! I just wanna see you and spend time together… Get to know more about you. No bad intentions. I promise!

– Alright. I still have a day left. Let me think about it. Diner will have to be outside though. Not your place, Okay?

-Got it. Well don’t think too hard or too long babe. Night night 😘😘💗

-Good night Kyle

Adwoa’s brain was boiling. She knew the right thing to do but so far this guy seemed to be everything she wants. At least physically and character wise. It took her a lot of tact to prevent him from coming to know her place; he knew the building but not her apartment number. She never let him upstairs, otherwise, he’d have been there almost every evening. And she knew herself just too well. She was well aware she could neither trust herself nor Kyle who was anything but a believer. In fact, he didn’t believe in the existence of her God. He was an atheist who lived his life at top speed. High life, clubbing, smoking were his way of life. She knew she was going down a dangerous and slippery path by entertaining him. No need to be a prophet to know how this would end. Right now, she was a flatline spiritually speaking. And since she meet Kyle she’s been somewhere below flat.

“Lord I know you warned me and I know I should have stayed away from this one, but I can’t help it, she prayed. I think I’m gonna accept his invitation. I mean…  it’s just dinner, right? What’s the worst thing that can happen in a restaurant; a public place? she added as in an attempt to calm herself down and get God’s permission. ”

As she went to sleep. She tried to convince herself of her own words, but deep down her heart she knew the truth.

To be continued… 

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