Episode 2

In episode 1, Adjoa and Kyle were exchanging whatsapp messages while we reminisced the day they met. 


Look babe, I made a digital drawing of the pic you sent me the other day


Kyle next sent her this photo and her mind went back to that fateful day they meet and to the smile.

That smile? It would make even a zamanama want to use whatever toothpaste brand he used, for life. He went on: “Ice tea is my favourite too. Hey, I’m Kyle. I own a shop here and I’ve seen you walk around for a while now. You passed in front of my shop at least 4 times already. You seem lost. Maybe I can help ? ”

“Oh God! This is so embarrassing. And Adjoa don’t you take another look. Like uncle Job said, the second one is where all the danger is. Keep looking down or go through your phone while answering him, he can still hear you”. Kyle had no idea the battle that was going on inside Adjoa’s mind. But he still waited throughout the long 5 minutes it took her to answer.

-Yeah… I’m looking for that new lingerie shop and this place is so big!

-Okay, should we go? Here. After you.
She mechanically got up and followed him. About 10 min later, they were standing in front of the HERS AND HIS shop sign.

-We’re here. This is the one you were looking for. Right? Okay. Do you want me to accompany you inside or something? I won’t brag but I’m like an expert when it comes to these stuffs, he said pointing at the lingerie shop.

-No thanks. They both laughed.

And he has the sense of humour too. She thought to herself. But she knew too well, what that kind of humour suggested about the sort of guy he is.

-Alright miss Adjoa. I’m still gonna ask for your number though. You wouldn’t mind me calling you, right? He was smiling broadly and looking intently at her.

-How did you know my name?! She asked with a frown.

-Your necklace

Dad had offered her that silver necklace on her 21st birthday. He said she was an adult now and deserved wearing something with her name on it.

Kyle had left about 20 min ago and Adjoa couldn’t understand what just happened. She didn’t realise when she had started typing her phone number on that stranger’s phone and even selecting the ‘add another field’ option to add her email and office number. She had been in Kyles presence for about just 30 minutes and she was already like a liquified guacamole. Her legs felt like cotton and her head like an empty can. Despite the panic, she enjoyed the feeling of imminent danger surging over her; the fear and attraction of the forbidden and unknown scared and pulled her close at the same time. She felt what Edje often termed “guilty excitement”.

“ Oh God! What did I do? How am I gonna get myself out of this. Father, You promised not to lead us into temptation. This is your daughter sending you an SOS ! ”

To be continued 

*zamanama: a member of a certain tribe known for their nomadic life and total indifference to body hygiene. 

Ps: Stick with us for the following episodes. Don’t forget to share! 


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