Episode 1

-So how was your day?

-cool. Yours?

-Cool too, except that IMU 🙂

Adjoa’s heart began to pound faster.
Adjoa was in switzerland for her studies which she did part-time, so it gave her time to also work. She meet Kyle five weeks ago at the mall. His dad was from France and he spoke french, so they quickly bonded over that and things between them was evolving at a speed Adjoa could barely control. It was going too fast. Everything was going too fast.

She had been walking around, going in circles, looking for that new lingerie shop Edje told her about 2 days earlier. Branded, cute and on-the-edge-of-scandelous-lingerie had always been her ‘péché mignon’. Exhausted, she decided to take a break on one of the nearby benches. She began to sip her favourite drink: lemon ice tea with a dash of camomile. “Hello” she heard a baritone voice say. It sounded more like a whisper from a dream. She lifted her eyes and was almost dumbfounded. “Do you mind? ” he said while pointing to the free space near her on the bench. She made a no with her head, trying to hide her shock. “Adjoa! No! Don’t do it. This one will be your kryptonite” she heard that familiar inner voice whispering to her. She felt the titillating and tingling sensation she always feels in her tummy, in such moments. She had inwardly began to pray that this dangerously suave temptation now sitting near her doesn’t try talking to her ‘cos she won’t be able to hold herself together.

He was so tall and he was the definition of handsomeness. He had that perfectly tanned skin every respected half-cast is expected to have. And OMG! The grey eyes! There was something about him she couldn’t put her finger on. She found his hairy face, amusingly attractive, peculiar and intriguing; the abundant hair from his eyebrows, beard, moustache and thick long eyelashes looked more like silk to her than anything else. Never had she come across such a face. He looks like a teddy 🐻bear :), she thought to herself while hiding a wide grin.  Adjoa tried turning her head fast enough for him not to notice how much she was peeping at him from the corner of her right eye, but it was too late. He was now smiling that killer smile and talking TO HER…

To be continued… 

*péché mignon: cute sin (literal translation)


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