DIVINE AUTHENTICATION-Waiting for God’s public authentication stamp

  • God will only promote those who do not promote themselves. 

Rick Joyner


There is a fashion that unfortunately is now quite rooted in the Church. People like to jump the gun and give themselves big titles because they feel or someone told them that there is such or such calling on their lives. I’d advice you not to follow that fashion. You’d  do well not to join that train brethren. 

Sometimes, you might know with clear conviction that the Lord has given you this or that gift or calling. He might have told you that you are called to be a prophet, a teacher, an apostle, a pastor or an evangelist, but now no one seems to acknowledge it, so you don’t get the opportunity to use your gift? Don’t worry. 

You might be part of a church or ministry where they even witnessed the day heaven imparted those giftings to you and where there is a certain group of people who are always acknowledged and called upon when it comes to praying for the sick, prophesying, teaching, but where you are never mentioned. It’s just like, you’re invisible? Don’t worry. 

It is wisdom not to get upset and impatient within yourself. Be humble and patient enough to allow the One who called you, to testify that He indeed called you. 

Like Jesus said in John 5: 30-37

“ If I was testifying of myself, my testimony (my words-my message-my works) would not be true, but because it is He who sent me that testifies of me (by the signs He accompanies my ministry with), it is proof that my testimony is true. —paraphrased

So maybe, if you are in such a hurry to testify of yourself, it is also proof that you haven’t really been called. Oops 😁

If God really called me into anything, why do I have to worry? Why do I have to go around trying to convince people that I have been called; telling them I’m this or that?   

One true test of the “genuineness” of every ministry is in the servant’s ability to wait for His Master’s authentication. 

​If Jesus who is God manifested and the Son of God, needed that authentication stamp, who are we to bypass it? Jesus always knew who He was from the very begining, and yet He waited for His Father to testify of Him openly, both before his ministry began (Matthew 3: 16-17) and throughout his ministry which only began at age 30! 

You just picture it. Imagine Jesus who knew who he was all this while, always quiet and silent for 30 years. In the synagogues, where people read, studied and debated about him? Quiet. At home, where his parents probably thought his other siblings and the whole family about him? Quiet. In the neighbourhood, where he heard the neighbours chating about him in the street when his mum sent him to buy bread?  😄 . Quiet! Honnestly. If I was Jesus, I’d have probably jumped up one day and proclaimed: I AM HE!!! Lol. But this guy, never did. What humility! What self control! What patience! 

God gave Jesus signs and wonders throughout his earthly ministry, as an authentication stamp, but I don’t mean yours will by all means be the same. God can give you the stamp that perfectly fits your calling and ministry. 

Not every stamp comes with a miracle power demonstration. A clear exemple of that is the ministry of Jonah:

There is a power that is demonstrated not by signs and wonders, but by a tremendous conviction power through preaching. And that was the stamp God gave Jona. He preached to the most perverted city in his time and the people listened and humbled themselves. In his book, THE CALL, Rick Joyner meet Lot who told him this about Jonah’s ministry:

“Jonah had the greatest preaching anointing yet given to a man. Without miracles or signs, when he preached, one of the most wicked cities that ever existed repented. If Jonah had preached in Sodom, that city would have remained until this day. The power of Jonah’s preaching is a sign.”

Wow! The conviction anointing power! 

There is even another lesson here: do you see that power resting on your ministry, does not come from how skillful you are at preaching, but from the One who calls and imparts the anointing ? 

Allow God to show through you what He has deposited in you. He is the One who put it there, so don’t worry, there’s no way He will forget, such that you now have to be reminding people yourself. 

You are not the one to tell people. Let God tell them. You are not the one to go around asking for opportunities and platforms, let God do that. Dear, you don’t have to beg anyone to see what God’s placed in you. If He truly placed it there, rest assured that it cannot remain hidden; a city placed on a hill cannot be hidden! Here is what you must know and keep in mind: when God places gifts within you, He will attract to you the people who are supposed to benefit from those gifts. 

Let God tell them like He told Peter who exclaimed: «Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God», after Jesus asked his disciples: who do they say the son of man is? And who do you say I am? Mark the words of Jesus to Peter: «Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father who is in heaven». Matthieu 16: 15-17

 Have you been using the power of your own arm —flesh and blood— to make people see that you too God has anointed you some; to make people see the revelation of who you are? It is time to stop and rest dearie. Rest in the Lord! 

Like my SHS 3 french teacher used to say: “a tiger does not proclaim its tigerness. It just bounces on it prey and devours it.” When you see a tiger, will it need to introduce itself to you? No!  Its appearance and traits do that. 

For now, you may still be a baby tiger, so people might be confusing you with a puppy. But wait. When God has allowed you fur to totally grow and be seen even from afar, you’ll need to tell no one who He has called to be. 

Patience! It will soon be over. 🙂

Don’t be so concerned with a title! No! That’s not where your focus should be. 

Remember, that the period of anonymity you’re experiencing right now is normal and God-designed. God is hiding you on purpose, just like He did Jesus. 

In due time, God will give you both the open doors and the platforms, but for now, just keep doing what you doing and do it to the best of your abilities. Do it as unto God, not unto man. I know of a really great man of God in this time and dispensation who got a doctorate degree and title (Reverent Doctor; name witheld) without having ever taken a doctorate course. How? He was simply doing what God had called him to do at the time: teaching. He was benevolantly teaching in a Bible school when someone who was observing him from afar, aknowledged that it was time for him to move up higher. Smooth. No sttruggling. No matter how blind you are, you can see God’s hand at work here. 

 Refrain from giving yourself big titles and names like : super-sonic man of God and the like and demanding that people call you by those names. 

I laugh enter heaven. If you used to play the keyboard, be an usher, or serve your pastor in church, keep doing that. It is at the feet of someone that God will introduce you too. As long as you are in the right place, remain there and be nurtured. The price to pay for pride and rebellion is a bitter one I assure you, you wouldn’t want to pay. 

Besides that, when you seek and set your love on earthly recognition and titles, they will be the only reward you ever get both in this life and in the life to come. 
You are God’s master piece, meaning you are a work of art and there is and will ever be only one of you in the whole universe. A work of art takes time. It cannot be rushed and the painter’s hand connot be forced. 

I’ll conclude with these words the Lord spoke to His servant on one of their encounters. They perfectly summarise everything I’ve been trying to say. 

“… Even so, do not strive to have men see My authority in you. Do not be concerned by whether others see you as you are; only be concerned about recognizing others as they are and seeing Me in them. When you become concerned about how others see you, you lose your authority. When authority becomes your goal, you will begin to lose true authority. You know the ministry and authority that I have given to you; do not ask people to call you by your position, but by your name. Then I will make your name greater than your position. In My kingdom, authority comes from who you are, not your title. Your ministry is your function, not your rank. Here rank is earned by humility, service and love. The deacon who loves more is higher than the apostle who loves less. On earth, prophets may be used to shake the nations, but here they will be known by their love. This is also your call—to love with My love and serve with My heart. Then we will be one.” 

Excerpt from THE CALL by Rick Joyner, pg 43 (soft copy, pdf)


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