THE PROCESS-When God Gives You a Vision or Promise

… That according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith — that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breath and length and height and depth, and to know the love that surpasses knowledge, THAT YOU MAY BE FILLED WITH ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD.

Ephesians 3: 16-21


« My child, my child, I have anointed thee for riches and exploits and I will do for thee and through thee what no man can do »! So the voice of GOD thundered down to you that day when you heard him on the mountain top after a 3 days dry fast, or as the man of God ministered to you in private after that powerful meeting dubbed: On Mount Zion…, because your portion was too heavy and glittering to be spoken in public like that. 😄

It felt good, right? The excitement, the thrill, the atmosphere, God’s mighty voice, the new song that burst forth in your heart, the angels 👼 playing harps around just at the right moment, lol.



So, yeah it was great. You wish you could keep relishing that moment forever. But now, God has spoken and it’s time to open your eyes and come back down from mount Zion.

And you came, and it’s been months or years and nothing seems to be happening. In fact things rather seem to be getting worst with so much hardship coming your way every minute and on top of that, God appears to be totally quiet. You are confused, wondering what the hell is going on. You are even beginning to question God’s promises to you. Did I really hear God that day? Was the anointing on that man of God’s life even genuine? Was it not my own imagination deceiving me because I was hungry? Depression is begining to knock at you door. You feel like giving up, feel like the whole world is against you…

I come to remind you that between the promise and the actual realisation of the promise, there is “ the process ”. Though we often forget about it, it is a big part of any promise God gives us. I came to tell you and help you realise that God is more concerned about you going through the process and about what the process does to you than about you laying your hands on the promise.
Sure! God wants you to enjoy life to the fullest. No doubts about that, but you need to know that the ultimate goal of any promise or any blessing HE gives you is that Christ be formed in you until you reach the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ. Ephesians 4: 11-12

That is actually the ultimate aim of this journey we’re on. Going to heaven is such a little part of it.

There is no way you can swerve the process if God has big plans for you, but if you are able to and still lay hold of the gift or promise — for God forces no one — , it will end up harming and destroying you instead of you enjoying it.

And if you are still not sure what I mean when I talk of the process, let me give you a clear example:
Joseph. Genesis Chap 37-47

Oftentimes, God gives us the end vision, the beautiful glory, the glitters,


but HE does not show us the map or the path to it. Why? Because HE is wise and knows that many of us would change our minds if HE did. Permit me to say it this way. The gift or promise is just a “bribe” or an incentive to help us go through the refinement we need to go through, so we can be like the Son and be ready for heaven (Earth is the only training ground for this. There is no way you’re going to learn about patience and long-suffering in heaven; aint nobody there to annoy you, get on your nerves etc. for you to learn through that) because GOD knows we won’t agree to go through the process just like that.
And so it was with Joseph. GOD gave him a dream and made sure He confirmed it a second time to let Joseph understand HE meant serious business. Joseph saw his own brothers and even the luminaries bowing before him. Wow! A promise of greatness; greater than the greatest. Joseph was thrilled enough to share these dreams with his brothers.

God didn’t show him that he would first have to be thrown into a well, then sold by his own siblings as a slave to foreigners. Taken to Egypt, never having to see his father again for 13 years; Genesis 37:2.  God did give him a break though: he became the overseer of all the riches of Potiphar. God didn’t tell him that the break wouldn’t last for long and that he’d have to spend many  years in jail for something he didn’t do before he finally began to see glimpses of the glorious vision HE gave him. So, in short, poor Joseph had no idea there was anything called « the process ».
It happened to Abraham and David as well.

Between the time God told David he had chosen him to be king of Israel — and God didn’t just tell him, HE actually sent His very prophet over to anoint him — and the time David actually became king of all Israël, how many years? 2 Samuel 5:4-5  tells us that David was 30 years old when he became king, and some Bible scholars say that David was at most 15 when Samuel first anointed him. So at least 15 years had passed!

15 years!


Man! Like seriously? 😄 Chill. I don’t mean yours will take that long

The reason so many of us get discouraged and begin to doubt God’s promises is that we almost always forget about the process. We forget or do not realise that there is a process. It does not automatically come to our minds that to get anywhere, there is always a road to take. And this particular one, is full of ups and downs, hurdles to jump, rivers and valleys to cross and mountains to climb! If only we would make a conscious effort to keep the process in mind, we’d get less distracted and frustrated. We’d know that if it is taking time, the process is just not over yet.
It would be in our best interest to cooperate with God on this, because the more you fight the process, the longer it becomes. You may not like the sound of this, but the more you resist learning a lesson, the more difficult and painful it will be when it comes up again tomorrow, and it will.

GOD is not punishing you! HE is preparing you!

What do you think Joseph was doing during those 13 years in Egypt and in prison? Fellowshipping with his God and getting more and more intimate with Him. Joseph was having a 13 years retreat! Wow, my GOD! So he was even able to minister to others, right there in jail! And when the time came for the vision to materialise and for him to enjoy the promise, he was all ready. Some of us, GOD has been calling us into a retreat for so long now, HE wouldn’t be wrong to give us a « by force » retreat. lol
Now. Imagine Joseph had gotten bitter and angry with God. He would have missed it all. He knew the danger there is in that, so he didn’t.

I personally know of a great man of GOD, and when I say great, I mean great, who went through a training camp or process similar in intensity to that of Joseph. And because he didn’t get mad at God, because he spent the hunger days as fasting days, because he made GOD his habitation though he had no habitation, today GOD has made him a praise in the earth unto His own name. This man is a testimony as none I’ve heard before, and whenever he opens up the mysteries of the Word to you, you’ll be left baffled.

May God give you the same patience and resilience He gave to Joseph, to David, to Abraham, to Hannah and many more. May you always be conscious of the process, so that your tears will be less. May you even rejoice over the process so that when it begins, you don’t feel like God is taking you by surprise or making you go through a nightmare for no purpose and end up getting angry at Him.
Hold on! Don’t give up! It is just A PROCESS. 🙂


For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end — it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. Habakkuk 2:3

PS: There may be more than one process; depending on the number of visions or dreams God gave you. 

Don’t keep to yourself! Share 😉


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