It will be…
a rainy day
or maybe it would be a sunny one
or rather cloudy and windy…snowy…hot…
whatever the weather
I’ll go with it and it will just be perfect !

Will you be dressed the way I so much like?
Will you be wearing ash Armani shorts? or rather Blue Jeans trousers? Are you a jeans kinda guy or 3 piece suit and tie one ?
Will you be wearing glasses? huge dark and grey sunglasses like I love them?
Will you be looking classy, radiating with so much swag, or you’re that I-don’t-like-to-be-noticed, shy tall and cute guy sitting in the corner with his novel raised in front of his face while sipping  his coke?
What’s that name on it? I’m really straining my eyes, but I can’t see it for now,lol

Are you a « meet me there » kinda guy or
a « I brought you flowers. You ready ? Lets go babe » kinda guy ?

I’m standing here on the balcony, leaning over the balustrade, almost plied in two.

It’s beautiful out there, and the view from my imagineland house is breathtaking


I can see and feel the wind dwindling and breezing through the coconut tree branches
Breezing like the jazz I love listening to
Oh, I hope you love Jazz too ! ‘Cos it’s impossible not to
How can one not? Right? It’s so soothing
Soothing like the Dimitry Strovesky classical I’m lovingly drowning my hearing sense in right now . The day I meet you…
I hope you like smoothies and on-the-spot creative meals ‘cos conventional is not my thing… Has never been… Will never be…

Will you like long evening walks on the beach?

Or endless hours cuddling on the couch at dawn because we both fell asleep watching our favourite animation?
Or maybe like Dan, you won’t like to be woken up by a gentle velvety touch when you’re deep asleep, ‘cos it makes you jump. I never knew there were human beings like that. I thought everyone loved to be woken up that way *shrugging my shoulders*
Dan is my cat, by the way. Gotcha! 😛

I’m wondering what you’re doing right now
At this very moment
Are you…reading, or taking snapshots of the new luxuriant vegetal canopy you found on your discovery trip through the Amazonian forest because you’re a nature lover too?
Are you thinking of me? Of us?
Or you’re sitting quietly in your puffy sofa, watching an episode of CSI.
Are you plunged into some agitated political debate or into a frantic one about the true meaning of life, with your new friend Koffi who doesn’t want to agree that it is all about knowing Christ and living out purpose ?

I hope you like…want…love…desire all of me.
The loud me.. The quiet me…
The tough me… The strong me…
The zealous me… The sensitive me…
I hope watching an aurora borealis someday is your dream too

I’m wondering what you are like
I hope my (overly) attached and passionate self won’t intimidate you
Like it seems to have so many already
Well, that must be the reason you’ll be THE ONE; the one who won’t be scared


The one who will embrace all of me
All of the independent, strong, stubborn but actually so sweet me

Are you sleeping, having an intense Whatsapp chat or late lunch with that pretty girl you’re deceiving yourself you’re gonna get married to ? HelOoo! I’m right here!
Or you’re at the book store, checking out some interesting new book on children psychology. While you’re at it, you’d wanna check out: THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES for TEENAGERS, by Gary Chapman. Great book.

The day I meet you
Will I immediately know it’s you?
Or will it take me some time…a lot of time…a very long time?
Just speculating. Don’t be scared. hahaa
Our common friends, divine Wisdom and Discernment will be there to help 😉

Wisdom was telling me the other day that you may not look all that I want; at least physically.
Discernement added that I may not even like you at first, hweew !
Can you imagine? But then they lightened my mood by promising that one day when all is done and settled, we’ll remember that phase together and laugh it off.

I’ve been thinking about love a lot recently
Dreaming about it, talking about it, writing about it, writing stuffs like this…
Learning about it too. Practicals are the though part but they’re all worth it when I think of you and hey, I have the greatest teacher of all by the way. His name is Jesus
You deserve to come and find the best

Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never meet?
Well, I think it is.

Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that I’m missing you already?
Weird? lol
That’s me! And I’ll be your favourite weirdo.
It’s always good to be a little bit crazy
Always normal as a straight line is no fun
I think I was born crazy
So even if you wanted me to stop, I couldn’t

I pray you’re a fan of loud, unapologetic, unrestrained, boisterous, Ima-scream-it-on-the-roof-top love
Cos I don’t know how to do this stuff any other way
Half way is really not my thing

Oops…me again…talking too much
Please hurry up
‘cos my legs are beginning to get tired
my ink’s getting finished
your welcome meal is getting cold
your Oreo chocolate ice cream’s melting
and I miss you!

hug_me_kitty_by_stephanievalentin-d5p4xisLetters from Your soon to meet bae (on days like this when I need a hug so badly). mmuaah!

PS: For your sake, I’m already learning how to play FIFA though I’m still praying you’re not that kind of


19 thoughts on “THE DAY I MEET YOU

  1. Rhodie says:

    Here Miss Gapko u’re toooooooooooo much. Wow, this piece of poetry must be broadcasted. This is really deep and thought provoking . Love u girl. Muaaah!!!


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