Episode 2



Let’s roll the CD back a bit, Nana said as soon as she sat down near her friend. Abeiku had been waiting for her for almost an hour now and the look on his face said a lot about how he felt while waiting. She took her phone out of her bag and saw 3 missed calls and a message from… Abeiku. Her lips formed an « O! » but no sound came out. She had kept her phone on silent and forgot to switch it back to ringtone. School had been crazy that day and she didn’t have a minute to herself.
-What’s that in the Star Cafe bag I’m seeing near you? She asked with a guilty little girl smile.
– Your favourite smoothie. You know? The one with the blue berries, honey and coconut toping, he replied in a voice devoided of emotions. Nana gave him a side hug and shook him a little.
– Can I have it now? *with an evil grin on her face*. Ok…I’m sowiii…can I have it now?
-Hmm, of course you can, I got it for you evil little chipmunk.
-aww, so my sins are forgiven. A text and 3 missed calls though! From you the patience guru? That was something !
– Heehr massa, Gyae!* I was only concerned about your smoothie getting warm. Oya*, lets continue
– Ayooo…I hear you.

When I was still a little girl and at the dawn of teenagehood, I was quite popular in my church. Almost every sunday, I’d be given the mic and sing songs our beloved maid, miss Elda would have taught me on saturday evenings.

Oh, miss Elda! How I miss her and what an awesome maid she was. I loved her like a mother and I am pretty sure there aren’t two maids as smart and as loving as her on earth. She actually introduced my siblings and I to the gospel of Jesus-Christ.
Hear this people:
No matter the job you have today, know that it is your platform, your market place, and that you can forever mold a life and spark someone’s destiny this very hour, right where you are. Teachers/lecturers and nannies especially. You have that free opportunity everyday. Do not neglect it.

Though miss Elda was not learned, the songs were in English. At this point, you can just imagine what kind of english; how broken that english was. Lol
But since my fans didn’t get most of what I was singing, they’d still come to me after service, asking me to write down the lyrics of the song for them. All that mattered was that the melody was nice, and I sounded like I was actually speaking English.

Came that fateful day when I decided I’d rather use my sunday for clothes washing than for worshiping God.
The following sunday found me in the house again, doing laundry, till I had lost count of the Sundays. Weeks went by in this same manner till it became months and then years. It got to a point when it was even no longer about doing laundry ‘cos I’d have no clean clothes to wear for school the next day. Every other reason was good for skipping church the whole week.

In the meanwhile, things had become too complicated for me to just get up and go back to church “like that”. It had been too long…the guilt was too heavy…my now life style too dirty and my soul too polluted. I didn’t have the strength to bear the look of the hundreds of eyes that would watch me with disgust instead of that loving look the father gave the prodigal son when he came back home. Coming to think of it, how many of us are helping the enemy keep so many sons and daughters out of the church in this same manner ? May God help us to repent and do the work of true reconciliators between men and God.

I had made friends with a group of young guys who spent their vacations just wandering around and smoking all day long. Strangely enough, I never smoked a single weed roll or cigarette with them. I guess God kept me, though it was true I was still a passive smoker; inhaling all that smoke into my lungs all day long…
The real reason I hanged out with those guys was that I was in love. Or so I felt. I was in love with one of them. Their so-called leader. He was respected and adulated by all the members of the clique and was a celebrity in his school and all over town, his name was on most leaps. Though the guy wasn’t so smart and performed really poorly in school, people didn’t care ‘cos that made him even more ‘swag’ in their eyes; talk about twisted mindsets. He was super handsome and tall and despite the fact that his golden fair skin was loosing its shine and beauty due to the excessive smoking, it was all enough.
Oh, what an unconscious and lost generation we were!

I was in love. In love with a guy who ignored me all day long and treated me very poorly while I desperately hanged around him, gleaning for the tiniest show of his affection or attention. I’m sure lots of ladies can identify with this, yeah? Well, I wish I had a megaphone right now. I’d cry out: “To all my sisters! I advice you to take to your heels straight away if you find yourself in such a situation. You are worth a lot and deserve so much better! If he can’t see it, then that’s too bad for him. Come find your value in Christ, while He prepares you for your future God-ordained spouse; a real man, who will be the physical expression of the Father’s love to you”.

She proceeded:

There, I also encountered the spirits of neglect and rejection. They were already present through the behaviours of an absentee and abusive father, but they became fed and strengthened by my experience with this guy. From that moment, I’d do anything to gain a man’s attention and affection while using them at the same time. To worsen matters, my closest friends were not the best of role models. We were 3 Mousquetaires. They both encountered the ‘joys’ of teenage pregnancy along the line. I don’t know why I was spared. Only God knows.
I dated all kinds of men: rascals with no future in view, drug addicts, local rap celebrities and married men who were old enough to be my father or grand father. With this last category, I was so good at my game. I played my cards well enough to spend their money while they never got to see the color of my undies. Well, looks like I still had a tiny bit of God’s fear in me.
At some point, I began getting worried and afraid. There was this particular married man who always gave me lots of money whenever I asked him, but never even tried kissing me. I was wondering if the man wasn’t gonna use me for rituals.
I had tormented this man’s family. I would call his house though I had his cell number, and pretend I was one of his business partners or client and leave a very sensual message for him when it went to voice mail. One day his wife picked up. Hell broke loose on the other side of the line. She forbade me from calling her house again, which only made me laugh.

At this point, Abeiku went: « Eii Nana! Woy3 dangerous* ooh. All of this under this angelic looking face and smile! ».
She giggled, sighed and continued:
I had multiple boyfriends. Never could I date just one guy at a time, ‘cos to me, it was all a game, never anything serious. Guys loved me and I gave them reasons to. My dressing which always composed of vertiginous v-neck tops, could have raised a dead pope from his grave and given him an instantaneous erection due to the generous figure God had graced me with. Tongues rolled out and eyes popped out when I walked the streets.
Yes I was the queen, the object of all desires, or so I taught. No man could say no to me, I always got what I wanted.
I remember this funny incident when I found myself at a beach party where both my actual/official boyfriend and my unofficial one were present . I panicked and my palms got sweaty. The later knew about the main owner and called himself ‘a borrower’. So with him, I had no problem. The problem was with the boss, who was a very jealous and possessive guy. In the end, there was more fear than harm though. We all survived and went home safe and sound  😀 .

Your story could make for a good christian movie or book, you know !? That was Abeiku in a dreamy voice. We’d call it : RESCUED FROM HELL.
Their laughter which synchronised and echoed in the night, was welcomed by a few dogs barking behind the gates of the neighbourhood houses.
Time had escaped them once again. It was 11 pm on the dot.
For security reasons and because he was such a gentleman, Abeiku insisted on seeing her off at her gate even though it was just a few meters away from their usual meeting spot. He waited till the sound of her shuffling feet could no longer be heard from outside, to head to his own house. He walked slowly; treating himself to a giant HD screen replay made from Nana’s story. His hands deep down his pockets, he wondered what the next part was going to be like. 😉



*Eii Nana! Woy3 dangerous ooh : Waw, Nana! You are dangerous.

*Heehr massa, Gyae!: Hey! Miss (in this case), stop that!

*Ayooo: Okay, I hear.

*Oya: an interjection expressing impatience


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