There is a practice that is gradually getting lost in the body of Christ today: visiting brethren to encourage, exhort and lift their spirit up.
There is this elderly woman of God in my area who still practice this and whom I admire so much. Though elderly, she’d always be joyful and would go visiting church members and strengthening them. This lady doesn’t know but she’s such an example to me and should be to the Church.
This practice the early church had, was one reason they stood strong and God was so present in their midst:
If someone was falling astray, they’d get to know and do what’s necessary before it gets worst.
If someone was sick, they’d get to know and the sick person would be prayed for and cared for, they won’t wait till their funeral announcement to put their pictures up on their Whatsapp or Facebook profiles .
And if you dared touch one of them, you had touched the whole church, for there was such unity.
If this is your prayer too, Id ask you to do something more than “just typing an amen”. Take 5 min and mention it to God. Talk to him about it and then get up and pay even a 10 min visit to someone as the Holy Spirit shows you who. Somebody might be dying and be in dier need of this. You never know what the Lord would do through your visit today. You might just save a life. Don’t say tomorrow.
‪#‎AmIspeakingToSomeone‬ ?
‪#‎Somebody‬ ! ‪#‎Anybody‬ ! 😥😭😭


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