“Eehrm…honey? So what’s the plan now? “

I’m always amazed when I hear about ‘a guy proposing to HIS GIRLFRIEND’ , 🙁and people are getting all excited about it. Ah ah! So what were they together for, in the first place😕😕😐😶? What was the reason they got together? Allons Seulement (lets see what happens; lets just be going) ana? 😯😯
This is what I call purposeless relationships!
Sisi, you’ve been into this ‪#‎AllonsSeulement‬ aaa, the guy has not been saying anything concrete to you, and you keep Alléying. Aint you tired? But I blame you too. Yes! For making him think he could just get into an ‘undefined’ relationship with a gem like you. Yes! A guy will also always treat you according to the price tag you had on when he meet you, that invisible one on your forehead.
Go to Accra or West hills malls and see if you can bargain the price of anything you see there. My friend, this perfume is 1200 dollars or cedis, if you won’t buy, GO! The seller won’t make his way DOWN to you, you have to make your way UP to him. ‪#‎IfYouGetWhatImSaying‬
My dear, are 8 years not enough for a man’s mind to be made up? And you are still there… still doing #AllonsSeulement. Ebei! Wake up!
Moreover, if you are serious about being in a relationship with God, you’ll know that by being in a purposeless relationship for that long (3 years kwraa is long), you are endangering your relationship with the Lord and your spiritual health, for the emotional tension that would have built up alone would be too much, hence, the risk of falling into sexual immorality is far higher, i. e. if you are concerned about living in purity like a genuine child of God. 😊
Now, someone may ask: how about getting to know each other before he proposes?
What is friendship made for? Getting to know each other. Friendship is even the best way to do that ‪#‎WayToGo‬! Because in there, there is no hypocrisy [ I know some people can be fake no matter what but that’s why you have discernment through the Holy Spirit]; you see me as I am and I see you as you are, no faking or always trynna put up my best.
So next time a guy whom you don’t know at all, proposes to you, offer him friendship for the now. If he won’t wait or take it, then let him go. Coz lemme tell you the truth: a guy who can’t be content with being just your friend for a while, is not ready to be a life partner forever. Because a time will come, and it surely will, when all the romance is gone, there will be one thing left and holding you together: FRIENDSHIP. There are levels in everything. Don’t jump the gun and go to stage ‘we dey feel each other’, because at that stage, your eyes are mostly blind and you don’t have much of your objective sight left.
But if he was already a well-known friend whom you can consider after you have heaven’s permission about it (prayer), then let there be a clear purpose when he proposes: marriage!


#‎IaintGotTimeForPlayingBro‬ #AllonsSeulement?  #‎LetsSeeWhatHappens‬?
‪#‎Naaaa‬!  #‎ComeBackWhenYaReady‬ #‎BoucheQuiNePortePasCaleçonaParler‬ ‪#‎HardLove‬
Chop kiss ??????

PS: I heard that, that is why in some churches, they don’t use the term “girlfriend or boyfriend” but they rather say “my beloved”, to show that we mean serious business meehn! Lol… I think this is a good thing.



  1. Rhodie says:

    #Purposeful relationships.
    Relationships are investments, not hobbies.
    Thanks so much Constante for the write up. Muaaaaah…….


    • ceeJ says:

      😘 you are so welcome dear. aaaaah ! My very own mrs. Rhodaline ! the checkaarrr in the other comment should have given me a hint. lol.You are so welcome here. Such a pleasure to have you ! 🙋


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