Published November 20, 2015 by BenJ
Romancing God -By Constante Gakpo
Not everyone who visits here is a reader, some are actually more inspired writers than myself.

I was there last week norr and Constante hit me up “Ben, I’ve written this piece and I must share it with the world.” So that wish is coming to pass, and not because she asked, but rather because when I read it, I knew it was the kind of thing you’d like. From how it goes, you won’t need to know the lady to know she’ll be good at romancing paaah. Lol. Enjoy


I recently bumped into an old friend of mine. We hadn’t met in years and the memory he had of me was so belated. So he started acting with me accordingly, until he realised that both my dance and the drumming had changed. Then he exclaimed: ‘You’ve changed!

ME: Yeah, I met someone

Him: Waw, who? I’m sure he’s awesome-handsome and all… (with eyes wide opened)

ME: Yeah, I met JESUS

HIM: (confused look, then laughing out loud) Aabah! You paa, you’re not serious.

ME: Smh…

It got me thinking; when are Christians going to learn how to be romantic in their relationship with the Lord ?

If you want intimacy with HIM, you need to learn how to speak the language of romance and be romantic

Romantic in the way you think of Him, meditation

Romantic in the way you speak of him, evangelism

Romantic in the way you speak to HIM, prayer

He is the KING of romance; the initiator of it. That is why HE takes the first step, by giving us a book such as Song of Songs; to show us the way into how to divinely romance HIM; Him, the Lover of our souls

If all you think of, when you read Song of Songs is sex, then I’m sorry for you, you’re still very far off.

The Lord not only desires and awaits a generation that will do exploits for Him; a generation where one will conquer thousands, but also a generation that will leave a guest room in the middle of a conversation, just to go to the closet and tell Him ‘ Lord, I just came to tell you that I LOVE YOU, cos I was missing you small’

Sounds silly, right? Well, don’t worry, you won’t be the first silly Jesus lover.

So, do you want that intimacy with Him or not? Start letting the walls down and acting romantically silly.

You say: but this feels awkward…and I’m shy.

Eii, you are shy of someone you cannot see? Then how about when you are face to face with your lover in the flesh or spouse? You’ve got to start practicing with the Lord, it will pay off in the future. Moreover, this will teach you romance in its purest form: romance without carnality and lust.

If you don’t get intimate with Him now, you will soon be totally indifferent to Him. Your love will grow cold cos this world will make sure it does. Only the intimates will make it to the end of the road. So cheers to #DivineRomance

PS: Jesus is more than thrilled when we think and speak to Him in that manner

#DivineRomance #Inticamy #HesTheLOVERofOurSouls#NoShynessInLovingHim #EarlyMorningToughts


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