This post is dedicated to all my readers who in one way or another, encouraged me through their messages and comments when CeeJ’s Blog was still just a dream.
Miss Rhodaline Darko Aggrey, my new found virtual friend and reader Maame Akesi Boah, Christabel Ampadu, Josias Tekou, my sisi of heart Korngo Dosoo, Ama Mensimah Pinkrah, Debora Mazarine Besse, Carmelita Glory, New-Version Pam and Eudoxie EudieDoxie XieXie
I have a confesssion to make.


A secret I wanna share with you guys *I see people widening their eyes already. Some are even scrowling down to the bottom :)*.
I wanna share with you, how I get all these write ups I’ve been posting lately. Hum…
Eii…I’ve been a disobedient child ooh ! *head bowed*
The truth is that, what has been getting to you, is just the tip of the iceberg. You should have been seeing more a long time ago (like books kwraa oo), but indiscipline…disobedience…procrastination…excuses (people won’t read when it’s long etc.) ; my sins are many eeh.
Anyway, Back to the matter.
So I’ll be there, and  the Spirit of GOD  will start speaking to me. There is no prior notice, so that I’ll take a pen and paper. He’ll just do it. He’ll do it during those times I’ll be iddle and filling lazy and all, and He’ll be speaking fast too. This happens very often ; in the morning, while taking a shower, at mid-day while laying lazily on my Ghana or Togo mattress, at night while Im just starring at the ceiling of my room. So, HE is my muse :).
Do you know what a muses’s voice sonds like ? It’s the kind that makes you not wanna move an inch, ‘cos you’re afraid the sound might just seize. So, I’ll just be listening and listening…and enjoying myself, while going like : wow, powerful ! Eish, revi* paa! I should really write this down ooh.
By the time, He’s done speaking, I’ve not pened anything down and what I have left in my head, are morcels ; morcels mostly devoided of their original on-the-spot power and weight.
Sometimes, I encourage myself with this lie : ‘I’ll remember’ , while I know deep within me, that it’s gone.
But if there are two things I’v learnt about GOD through His Word, they are these:
1- He does not accept our excuses
2- He doesn’t like wasting His time at all
Have a look at His encounter with Elijah in 1 Kings 19: 11 to 16. It well sums up those two attribuées of His.
So, what at all am I trynna tell you ?
This :
Don’t be like me. (old me, for by grace I’ve repented and keep repenting daily).
Don’t think the mission GOD has given you, will wait forever. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that ‘you need to reach a certain level of anointing, of spirituality-stroke-holyness or of prayertology and fastology, before you’re qualified to do what GOD has called you to. So many people make that mistake. The grace and the anointing are there. Do not fustrate the grace, and do not take the anointing in vain.
Do not look down on practicing the spiritual disciplines (fasting, prayer, worship, Bible reading and study, quiet time, meditation, evangelism etc.) and strenghtening your spirit man either. Understand that there is a balance to be found and a truth to be accepted. GOD saw your level of spiritual maturity before HE called you. True ! But you also need to keep sharpening your axe, in order to be efficient and keep moving.
The time for accomplishing your task, is RIGHT NOW. And if you’ve been blessed like me, with the anointing of ‘talking plenty’ and ‘writing plenty’ , keep your pen up, and your note book or recording device close by. You never know when your Muse will speak. And you must be ready when He does, ‘cos He doesn’t take excuses, and He mostly doesn’t have a REPEAT BUTTON.
‘Imagine yourself, laying on your death bed, surrounded by the ghosts of your unused potentials, the ghosts of your neglected talents. They are angry and disapointed. They say to you:we came to you, but you didn’t allow us to come alive. Now, we’re following you to your grave and we’ll torment you forever.
Close your eyes and visualise that now…How many ghosts do you see?Honestly.
―Denzel Washington
A bon entendeur…demi mot! *
And as we love to say in EYO*: more ZEEEEAAAAL LOOOORD !
This is our heart cry.

PS : Even this message; I wanted to keep it in my head for later. (because one more time, my muse chose 12 pm to start speaking). Thank GOD I chose immediate repentance. lol


*Revi: a short form of the word revelation

*A bon entendeur demi-mot: to him who will understand, only few words are needed.

*EYO: Excellent Youth Outreach; a vibrant non denominational youth ministry I’m part of. You can find us here: 😉



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