I recently witnessed a scene which makes me really worried and breaks my heart. Actually, it was just the confirmation of some doubts I had been having for a while now.
So. Gentlemen. This goes to you. Before you go on and propose to a lady, be sure what her beliefs are. I don’t mean check whether she goes to church every sunday or every once in a while and be ok with it. I mean, first consider her background, that is her family and what they believe in, because that definitely makes up a part of who she is today, then check what she herself believes in beyond the surface. Someone asked me: can a person who prays in the name of Jesus say she is a Buddhist (for example)? Yes she can! Because to her, that’s her background (group identity), what she always grew up believing in, so though she is not actively a Buddhist, she considers herself one. The question is not about whether she prays calling on the name of Jesus or not, even fetish priests mention Jehovah God’s name when doing their incantations, it’s about whether she truly believes in that name she is mentioning. Does she believe in her heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He was crucified on the cross and died and that God raised Him from the dead on the third day, and does she confess this with her mouth? Only then is she justified and saved, in accordance with Romans 10: 9 and 10. Otherwise, excuse me but she is just like the seven sons of Sceva: I command you in the name of “THE JESUS WHOM PAUL PREACHES… ” Acts 19: 11 to 16. My oh my! What a beating they suffered that day. Even the demons did not agree with the fact that someone was trying to cast them out in the name of a Jesus whom they didn’t personally know or believe in, lol.
Guys, do not take this lightly at all! It is because Abraham took the extent of the seriousness of his wife Sarah’s advice lightly that Ishmael was born. And we all know the havoc many Ishmaelites are causing on the earth today—-Look at this! A wrong advice given more than 2016 years ago (long before Christ came)and heeded to by a husband. Nmmm!!
Now, beyond the salvation establishment fact, for the Bible clearly tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6: 14 to 16), now go beyond the surface, ‘cos trust me, you do not wanna neglect a mother’s influence on her child, and the early formative years are more than important, they are crucial. You don’t wanna be the husband who keeps wondering what is my wife gonna be telling and teaching my kids once they are born. It is true you are the priest of your home, but your wife is still the assistant priestess!
So, back to the matter: does she firmly believe that Jesus is the ONLY way, THE truth and THE life or she’s not so sure or she believes there are other alternatives, such as: Buddhists will go to heaven through Buddha and Christians through Jesus… ? Does she believes in raising children in the fear of the Lord? Not according to what she or her mama or some auntie thinks, but according to what the Bible actually says and teaches, which means that she herself must already have an intimate relationship with the Lord? In case you’re gone too soon or for too long, can she hold the front, firmly holding the Sword of the Word in one hand and godly example in the other? Does she believe in releasing your children to accomplish their divine mandate on earth and do what God’s created them to do; ‘cos after all, walking in divine purpose is all that truly matters? Does she believes in focusing on things of eternal value?

Choose your husband or wife well, because truth is, you are actually choosing your life orientation and how your children will be brought up.

And the list goes on. Brother, do not be blinded by feelings and by her curvy body. Be led; spirit led, for that’s what we the ladies, we need: godly husbands who are spirit filled. I always say this: my future husband should be able to sit I and our children down and wash us with the washing of the water of the Word. I want someone who can also teach me and show me in to the room of spiritual mysteries and an always burning desire to love the Lord more. When we part way after spending time together during courtship, I wanna be ON FIRE. Not for him and his body, but for Jesus and the body of Christ!
Guys, I’m inviting you to make your own list and thus have a clear picture before your eyes. Make that list today. Come on brother! Don’t say tomorrow. This is about your life!

Remember, this choice of a life partner can either make you or break you forever. Your call!

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