I had wanted to write this when I was still in Accra, going through some of the storms and looking for a nest.
I was looking for a place to stay, and I’d go house hunting everyday, and believe me, there was no place in the whole of East Legon that I didn’t go to. Most times, my feet would be sore and hurt from all the walking, ‘cos I had had enough with real estate agents. I was my own agent. Cheers to that! lol
So…there is something I realised while on the brink of becoming homeless; homeless in a foreign country. It is an experience to experience ―worth experiencing. hehee… GOD is good!
In almost every house I entered, every gate I knocked at, I meet a certain kind of people. Let’s call them, LES PARTISANS DE LA MEDIOCRITE*.
Every time I gave a description of what I was looking for (Let me tell you what: a single room self-contained with a private or common kitchen – must be tiled and inside a walled and gated house, with running water and MUST BE NICE, the people would tell me (and they were the ones who didn’t have what I was looking for too ooh) : –‘why don’t you just settle for a single room with the washroom outside, even if it’s not tiled ?’ .
– ‘ you want all ensuit eehr!? That one you won’t get some ooh’
_ ‘You don’t need a kitchen, you can just cook in one corner of your room. You are just a student… (this one is my favourite :D)
and the likes…
Here is what I wanna tell you: on your journey in life, you’ll meet this group of people. They’ll try to demoralise you. They’ll encourage you to settle for less; trying to pull you down to their own level or even lower. But deep within, they wish they had the courage to get up like you and go on a hunt for what they want and truly desire. Do not listen to such people. You want something? Keep your eyes on it and go get it; as long as it is in GOD’s will for you and it’s something good and right.
It is true however, that there is a time for everything; a time for taking what you have at hand for the meantime, instead of what you’re truly looking for, and praying for grace to be comfortable with it (and I’ve partly tasted that time as well and think there’s more to come). But Im inviting you to say a resounding NO, when it is time to LEAP like a Jaguar and people are telling you to SUCK IT UP and keep squicking like a hurt, limping and bony DOG;telling you to just go with it when you know you can get something far better.
They tried doing it to Bartolomeo, that blind beggar sitting on the side of that street in Jericho 2015 years ago, but Ooh!HE WON’T BE QUIET, HE WON’T LET GO, until the Lord noticed him and he got what he wanted. I was there some (heehee…) when they kept telling him: You too it’s ok. You sit here all day long, doing nothing and yet you collect more money than some of us do at our jobs a day. And on top of that you wanna get your sight back too!Ebeii!Don’t be greedy. Think of what you’ll lose: no more alms for free ooh!Just be content and hush.

But the guy’s mind and feet were already far away from them.
Like ‪#‎Mandisa‬ would sing it: I won’t spend a whole life wasting all the grace that Lord, you’ve given. ‘Cos You made me for so much more than sitting on the sidelines. I don’t wanna look back and wonder if good enough could have been better.
You won’t look for excellency or the best? You wanna settle for things as they come; for what’s just OK or GOOD enough ? That’s ok. It’s a choice too. But please, allow those who wanna run a mile or ten longer, to go on. They might even pull you up when they get there.



*Les partisans de la médiocrité: partisans of mediocrity



  1. Rhodie says:

    Will really look out for them and run in the opposite direction when I see them approaching.
    #Allergic to mediocrity


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